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14 thoughts on “Stardust Morning Guided Meditation”

  1. Your insight to the beautiful meditation is always appreciated. Thank you! and Thank you again! This is a gift we can give to our selves and one, that keeps on giving.
    Happy morning to you in Carlsbad, Ca. from Canada!

  2. This is the most peaceful meditation! I feel so completely relaxed and comforted.

  3. It is such a great moment to start every day with the whole universe getting inside and working it out through you. With a little help from the universe…

  4. I am at peace and overflowing with gratefulness, because of this meditation. Thank so much, Davidji. You are a treasure for which I am so grateful.

  5. Thank you for sharing your Morning Meditation. I can use it every single day. It is really wonderful!. It brings so much peace in my heart. Blessings sent your way. Olga.

  6. I am so grateful at this very moment for the Stardust Meditation….my view of the day has shifted since I woke to one of calm and joy… here’s to a beautiful start to my day! Thank you Davidji 🙏

  7. So easy to follow, soothing and awakening at the same time. Actually visualized and witnessed stardust during my meditation. Amazing. 🙏

  8. Thank you for this. I have been following you on insight timer for a while. I find your meditations and explanations really useful to set my day and help with any anxiety that may come along. Right now in the UK and the world with the coronavirus pandemic mediation is so helpful. I have started my meditation journey 165 days ago and it is now part of my life and I think my cats too. Thank you so much. Ali xxx

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