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(Self) Kindness Matters

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

While I don’t really talk about chakras in this week’s video, I thought a poignant segue would be to offer insight into how to begin practicing self-kindness.

The fourth chakra, also called the heart chakra, is known in Sanskrit as the anahata (pronounced anna-hatta) chakra. This is your personal connection to love, kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and peace.

The anahata is located near your physical heart, in the center of your chest. You can place your hands on your heart right now and breathe in and feel the love flowing in and out of you. Traditionally, it is associated with the color green.

As Shakti energy flows into the heart chakra, it awakens the physical properties of our heart and the nonphysical, more universal, heart-based expressions of love. Timeless wisdom teaches that the source of all kindness is self-kindness; the source of all compassion is self-compassion; the source of all forgiveness is self-forgiveness; and the source of all love is self-love. As the fourth chakra is awakened by this powerful and sacred energy, your deep desires of the heart begin to expand and merge with the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of your existence.

How open is your heart?

When Shakti energy is flowing freely through our fourth chakra, a magnificent expression of the Divine Principle of Infinite Flow unfolds. The finite merges with the infinite as the heart-based seeds of intention you’ve planted in the fertile soil of your heart begin their journey of manifestation.

Barriers to receiving love start to melt as you become more accepting, more forgiving, more understanding, and more compassionate. Once this expression of pure love manifestation takes hold, you become more attractive to love. Sweet, tender, divine affection begins to visit you, then follow you, then chase you, until it ripples through you. And in return, gratitude radiates back out into the world.

When this chakra is constricted or energy is blocked in any way, it is a sign that we have stopped trusting . . . essentially, that we have suspended our belief in the Divine Principle of Infinite Flow. We feel separate from the boundless current of universal love. This is where we get confused—thinking that love is “out there” somewhere instead of surrendering to it and allowing it to bathe us in unconditional lovingkindness.

When there is congestion in this energy center, we hold onto grievances; we resist forgiving; we don’t trust our heart; we are skeptical of others’ kindness; in essence, we forget that we are so worthy of receiving love and happiness in every moment.

The ancient vibration or seed mantra for the heart chakra is yum also pronounced yaam. Let’s awaken that aspect of our being and let Shakti flow in by envisioning a green ball of light in the center of our heart, placing your fingers on that space, taking a long, slow, deep breath in, and chanting the vibration yaam long and loud as we exhale. Do it now. Do you feel your heart opening?

This week, let’s dive into this heart-opening practice and being the process of trusting ourselves, trusting our hearts, and letting that ripple out to the universe. In the meantime, keep meditating and I’ll see you in the gap.

Peace. -davidji

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