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Should I Give Up My Spiritual Practice?

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

Let me ask you a question – do you ever go through a hard period of time and allow your spiritual or meditation practice to fall away, as you deal with the intensity of life?
It’s an interesting thing, how we humans have a tendency to do this. And yet – when we are going through trials in our lives, that is EXACTLY when we need our practice even more! 
Whether you are deep in grief, are dealing with struggles and challenges, are at a crossroads, or have hit a fork in the road, that is when you need your practices the most. That is when you should be leaning in hard to allow everything that is coming up to be felt and integrated. 
It’s easy for us to want to stay in bed, zone out on our phones or tv, or find all sorts of other unhealthy ways to process what we are going through. Yet numbing out will never help you get to the other side of a rough period of time. But meditation can.
You need the strength and courage to get through trying times. Having a meditation practice increases your resilience. 
Whatever spiritual practices you love incorporating into your daily life – perhaps a morning spiritual routine or prayer session – keep those practices going, and allow them to be a sanctuary into which you retreat when the going gets tough.
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