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3 thoughts on “Special Thanksgiving Gratitude Meditation”

  1. Sending gratitude and love from rainy and beautiful Cornwall in England. Have a most Amazing Thanksgiving! Michelle.

  2. Much love to you all in the Chill Brill team for this time of thanks giving.
    I am so thankful and so grateful for you all and davidji your ripple into our world is truly magnificent, thankyou!

    As I love your voice leading us in meditation deeply, and in narrating your amazing books, it is in your words your writing the way you can lead us into the light of understanding and joyous clarity with what you write… a true author expanded, a magical teacher..thankyou!
    It enables us all to meet you in the gap, so many thankyous.
    I love everything, only have to read your blog slowly carefully and it leads me forward into adventures, surfing waves in the gap.. thankyou!
    Just thought I’d say thankyou! 😘
    Have a lovely holiday,
    Much love
    Sam 💗🙏💗
    Sheffield UK

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