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Patience is More than a Virtue!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

In the video I talk about patience — cultivating it, being mindful of it and practicing it in every moment.

For thousands of years, the ancient oracles, shamans, sages, and seers practiced and ultimately mastered the Sacred Power of Presence in their lives. And although it’s not very complicated, in our modern world where mindfulness and meditation are readily available to all, most people still have not cultivated a present-moment technique that they engage in every day.

The ancient Chinese sage Lao-tzu is known for this powerful set of teachings, which reinforce the Sacred Power of Presence:

Do you have the patience to wait
until your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?

The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment:
but not seeking, not expecting,
is fully present,
and can welcome all things.

As the swirl of life sweeps through you each day, allow these three powerful stanzas to become an ongoing contemplation. Gently rippling them through your thoughts will help you gain clarity, cultivate patience, and trust in the moment.

I think I might make it sound easier than it is!!! Practicing patience should come with a gold medal or trophy some days.

And that’s where courage comes in.

Courage is your ability to do something that frightens you because you have found the strength to power through fear, pain, or grief. The Sacred Power of Your Awakened Heart is built on divine love and unconditional trust, which allows you to transcend fear in any moment. Once you are firmly established in this state, you have created the important foundation for you to awaken the Sacred Power of Your Passion, which is a force of nature.

When the divine light of your manipura (shining brightly and fueled with the fortitude of laser focus) meets the miraculous love of your awakened heart (trusting completely in the unconditional support of the Universe), courage arises naturally.

Courage is a virtue. And like the virtues of patience and justice, a person must be able to sustain courage in the face of difficulty or adversity. You know how challenging it can be to maintain patience when someone is pressuring you or to stand in your truth when others are pushing you to adopt a contrary belief.

These are virtues because they need to be cultivated, nourished, and practiced no matter what the outside world is telling you.

Awakening the Virtue of Courage requires heart and fortitude—the willingness to hold your feet to the fire because you trust that the Universe will deliver you to exactly where you need to be. Courage blossoms from the merging of the Sacred Power of the Awakened Heart and the Sacred Power of Passion, because transcending your fear of the unknown requires a depth of unconditional trust.

This week, there might be a lot of hustle and bustle, maybe some traveling, probably a lot of family, even more food, and likely a scarcity of patience! So,  remember to bookend your days with meditation – in the morning to kickoff your day on a positive, upward trajectory, and in the evening to wind down, process the day’s happenings and let it all go.

I’m feeling extra gratitude for YOU this Thanksgiving week! Keep meditating and I’ll see you in the gap. Namaste. -davidji

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