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Sometimes You Just Need a REALLY BIG Pattern Interrupt!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source, in which we revise pattern interrupts – but on a bit grander scale!

When we introduce a pattern interrupt into our flow of thoughts, we can gently step aside from the uneasy memories of the past or the anxious thoughts of the future and truly ground ourselves back into the present moment.

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Our bodymind moves beyond all that irritation, anger, discomfort, anxiety, and less-than or “it’s not fair” thinking. The constriction vanishes instantly; and our next thought, word, or action will come from a less conditioned, more expansive place. Now we are primed for greater possibilities, novel solutions, and infinite potential. Whatever limiting belief was holding us back is momentarily suspended.

Once destressifying becomes part of your daily routine, this state of restful awareness occurs naturally. Calm and balance become the norm; and anxieties, anger, emotional turbulence, and knee-jerk reactions drift away as your physical body relaxes and your innate emotional intelligence gently returns to guide your choices.

In times of extreme stress, however, when the body experiences constant physiological arousal over numerous perceived dangers that are not life-threatening, the destressified response can be created through techniques like the one you just experienced.

When I’m training law enforcement personnel or members of the military, I refer to 16seconds as “tactical breathing.” Whatever you choose to call it, feel free to use it as a daily tool when you feel a bit of anxiety bubbling up or panic sweeping through you.

You can even post on Facebook or Instagram or tweet #16seconds to share your destressifying moment!

I recently had a grand destressifying moment that I want to share with you, too!!! Check out the video below. Peace. -davidji

7 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need a REALLY BIG Pattern Interrupt!”

  1. Not as adventurous as You but I too have been choosing to alter my patterns and to take on things I might not otherwise do.
    I like to study online…. usually crochet and knitting videos – things that will strengthen my skills. I Also listen to HayHouseRadio – but recently Ive been signing up for multiple week webinars… the first was a real commitment ~ 31 lessons each between an 45 minutes and an hour long, and they were scheduled 3 per day!!!! This was a huge leap forward towards a stronger commitment towards Self care. At 65+ if I do not find my purpose and tend to it – it will not be fulfilled! Being a ‘good daughter’, wife, mother and eventuallyGuardian Grandmother was the way I filled my days weeks months years and decades…. Recently our 14yr old granddaughter made it known that she no longer wanted to live with us. While this news shattered my heart – Perhaps the 14 yrs she was with us was all she and/or I needed together…. I want what is best for her and have allowed her to move in with one of my daughters. It hurts – but this is not about my ego, its about being able to allow her voice to be heard and honored. So finding the Sounds True 31 series webinars was gift to myself…. My pulling back of the bow if you will!

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