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Solar Eclipse- Life Tools

The Epiritual Meaning

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

Please join Peaches and I on an empty beach as we get ready for a Solar Eclipse!

Every single one of us on the planet are living under the reign of the sun, and a solar eclipse is a universal message to all of us who are inhabiting this earthly plane of existence – to remember that everything needs to take a pause. Everything needs a moment to breathe and turn off. 

A Solar Eclipse is the universe taking a breath and creating a pattern interrupt. Even the undying, reliable, neverending power of the sun needs to take a breather once in a while. 

The sun represents our ability to express ourselves – it’s our voice. It represents power, strength, confidence, courage, and the tenacity to do it all. And yet within all that doing, we sometimes need to stop. We need to get still. We need to look inwards.

Solar Eclipses are an opportunity to remember that even the sun needs to take a break sometimes. So even if you are reading or watching this video far away from the window of a solar eclipse happening, remember that you can create an eclipse – a pattern interrupt – anytime that you want or need. And from that place of stillness, we move forward with greater grace and greater ease.

Be the calm amidst the chaos. Be the stillness inside the storm. 

Thank you for joining me today – I look forward to seeing you in the gap!

Namaste. – davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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