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Saying Yes to the Moment Weekend Meditation

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Happy weekend, spiritual warrior!

Abundance is the magnificence of the universe, which is whole, infinite … and everything that flows through it does so with ease. Resting at the core of our very being is abundance, and you can tap into it by opening ourselves — our most genuine self — to the divine flow of the universe.

Mantra: Ananda shanti ritam

5 thoughts on “Saying Yes to the Moment Weekend Meditation”

  1. One of my favorites! To know we so abundant, so magnificent and our genuine self. . And we have the ability to tap in to abundance … now 🤗

  2. Davidjii you are such a blessing! Grateful and inspired by your courage to share your gifts with the world. Thank you and Namaste <3

  3. It’s always a great moment when I check my e-mail on the weekend and a new meditation is waiting for me🤗 Thank you so much!!

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