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Relationship Reboot

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
― C.G. Jung

Hello Spiritual Warriors! And welcome to another week of growth & transformation. This week, our Life Tool is exploring your life through one of the five realms – specifically, the realm of RELATIONSHIPS.

Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!
Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!

The deepest relationship we have is with ourselves. How do you treat yourself? Is it with compassion, acceptance, & forgiveness? Is it with love & understanding? We know that you are your harshest critic – but are you also your greatest champion?

This week, let’s give ourselves permission to nourish the YOU inside yourself. We can start by looking at one other relationship in your life – a relationship that takes up space in your mind, consumes your thoughts, or relentlessly occupies your time. We let people into our heads that we would never invite into our homes – so let’s transform that relationship right now, and take a powerful first step to loving yourself a bit more.

There are four things you can do with a relationship. You can:

Birth it – start anew…fresh…unfettered… unconditioned… as we were born – whole, perfect, pure, and unconditioned, and then let it unfold.

Repair it – ask first, “Do I want to keep this relationship alive?” If yes…then let go of the past, and commit to soothing the wounds, let go of grievances, forgive, forgive, forgive – forgive yourself, forgive the other, make peace.

Shift it – the old way didn’t work, there are boundaries that have been violated – new boundaries, new understandings…new rules of engagement must be established, articulated, and agreed upon — and committed to by both parties — if that can not be agreed upon…


End it – cut the cord, say goodbye, every day release one more piece of the relationship… TRULY let it go…when you think you have let it go, let more go…journal, share, charge a rock with your emotional pain and throw it into the ocean…write down your grievances and burn them in a ceremonial fire. Release…release…release.

So let’s make this week one of clarity, grace, and ease, as we take a step toward transformation… one relationship at a time and watch the new you unfold.

Email me with the step you’ve taken. Sharing your choice with someone else can be a powerful support system to your process.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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