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March Week 4 – Reflection & Truth


“It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow.”
– Ralph Ellison

As March comes to a close, it seems the perfect time to reflect upon the intentions, desires, resolutions, and commitments we made only 90 days earlier as we began 2013. How much has your life shifted in these last 3 months? How many of the seeds that you’ve planted have sprouted and how many have withered? Are you on the same trajectory that you so hopefully embarked on those first few weeks in January or have you strayed…gotten distracted…found yourself stuck in the karmic hamster wheel of life?

In Vedanta, there’s a magnificent tool to help you shift from where you are to where you would like to be. It’s called the software of the soul and it works like this:

Every action creates a memory
Every memory creates a desire
Every desire creates an action

So our actions lead to our memories, which in turn lead to our desires, which in turn leads to our actions. The cycle goes on forever; and the software of the soul can either keep us stuck in a rut reinforcing non-nourishing behaviors over and over again or it can be the catalyst that breaks us out of stagnation and into our new life.


What’s the key? The key is to get clear on our desires, plant them inside, release them into the universe, and let go of the outcomes. THEN, go into the stillness and silence – the perfect incubator for your new seeds of intentions to take root.

Remember the FIVE REALMS – physical, emotional, material, our relationships, and spiritual? By asking ourselves what we truly want in these five areas of our life before gliding into meditation, we can establish greater clarity and set solid intentions.

It’s so easy for us to get sidetracked, so we must return back to these core practices…to these timeless rituals…the aspects of our life that keep us moving in the direction of happiness and fulfillment. It’s the minority of people that follow through on their dreams, hopes, intentions, and desires. The majority of the people in the world are either paralyzed and procrastinating or second-guessing their choices.

This week join me in making the commitment to take our power back; to rededicate ourselves in taking our lives to the next level. There are several areas of my life where I have gotten stuck, distracted, or second-guessed. This is the week that I bust out of those constrictions. So, you’re not alone. Many from around the world will join you this week as we all make the shift to a better version of who we are.

Join me on Hay House Radio today and let’s transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Peace, davidji



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