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Reflection & Truth Weekend & 90 Day Recapitulation


“A great goal in life is the only fortune worth finding.”
– Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis

So, here we are…inches from the end of the first quarter of the year…25% through 2013. Oh yeah…we’re moving right along!

It’s not too late to double down. It’s certainly not too late to change course. And it’s definitely not too late to CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

The key to reflection is to review the past without emotional charge – to play each moment in fast forward.

This process, known as recapitulation, allows us to absorb every moment of the past at the cellular level. In latin, capit means head; ulation is a process; and re-means do it again.

By recapitulating at the cellular level, we consciously begin living experiences and behaviors that nourish us and unconsciously drift away from the experiences and behaviors that don’t.

If you can recapitulate the past 90 days during this weeks meditation, and then recapitulate your day right before you go to sleep, you will unconsciously – – ever so subtly – – begin the process of staying “in-check” and present with our actions, goals, and desires.

It’s so easy for some of us to gravitate towards the negative – the woulda, shoulda, coulda’s – so when you find yourself going there, be sure to gently nudge yourself back towards the positive…the highlights. They all count…no matter how small or large. Maybe you offered a hand to a stranger in need, donated some time to charity, rescued a pup, started journaling, have meditated every day since January 1st, began a project that you’ve been thinking about for years, had that conscious conversation that you’ve been wanting to have for awhile, or even something as simple as smiling at a stranger.

If you can combine this practice with daily meditation (meditation is key), the shifts will happen and you’ll begin leaning in the direction of your DREAMS.

Write to me at info@davidji.com and let me know how these last 90 days have been for you. Remember that the good and the bad bring balance – making it all A-MAZ-ING! As long as we keep evolving, anything is possible!

Peace, davidji


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