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Guided Meditation for Shifting Your REALITY & Stepping Into Your POWER

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s guided meditation about shifting your reality & stepping into your power by awakening your  throat chakra

We shift our reality by connecting to our TRUTH! And we connect to our truth through this guided meditation for throat chakra healing. The throat chakra, also known as the vishuddha chakra, means “especially pure.” When this chakra is open, we are able to connect with and express our highest truth. When you can connect to you power, shifting your reality becomes possible, and your can truly begin stepping into your power!!!

Rabbi Hillel was known to have said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’? And if not now, when?”

So, when you ask yourself these questions, what answers come back?

Now is the time to take the step you’ve always feared or held off from doing because of what someone else would say. If finally…you just didn’t care what someone else (the person whose reaction you are fearing) would say, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Would you stand in the center of your truth and own how you really feel?

Would you finally trust and bless your feelings, emotions, dreams & desires?

Would you own your impact & LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD?

I think you would. So let’s take one thing we truly dream of but feel shut down when we envision how someone else will respond – and let’s own it…and do it. And talk about it… and LIVE IT! 

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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