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How does the principle of REbirth apply to my life?

Happy new year, spiritual warriors!!! And, welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we explore how the divine principle of REbirth applies to our every day life.

Did you know that with every breath we are reborn?

We all would like to turn back the clock to a moment in time or simply push the reset button to see if we might have better luck the second time around. In golf, they call it a mulligan, when your first shot goes into the woods, and you give yourself a second chance by teeing the ball up one more time. In dermatology, it’s called rejuvenation, when the damage of a lifetime of aging is repaired and damaged tissues are replaced.

But we are multidimensional Beings. And for most of us, the new beginnings we seek are far beyond hitting a golf ball or renewing our skin cells. We seek the true REbirthing of many aspects of our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual selves.

We long for the creation of new memories, new desires, new choices, and new dreams. You’ve learned a lot over the course of your life. And if you could apply all that wisdom to your current circumstances and have a fresh start in just one area, your life would truly transform in magnificent ways.

REbirth is a spiritual homecoming—our returning to the memory of our wholeness before we carved out all the ruts, climbed the mountains, crawled up from the abysses, trudged across the valleys, slid down the hills, and fell down rabbit holes.

All these experiences have provided strength and wisdom, but we don’t need to hold onto the staleness of their trajectory. Even in the smallest of issues and the tiniest of concerns, you are worthy of a second chance. You are entitled to a new beginning!

How Awake is Your Power of REbirth?

Your ability to be REborn rests at the very core of your existence—the initial seed of stardust that first breathed life into you. But right now, it’s resting dormant in the quietest recesses of your soul, cloaked in darkness by a lifetime of conditioning, waiting to be awakened. So, before we dive in deeper, let’s find out how asleep it truly is, by taking the pulse of your REbirth-ability.

This simple journaling exercise will bring you instant clarity as you drill down into the key areas of your life. Draw a simple chart with three columns for each section. After you have given a score to each, scan through all five realms of your life and see where your attention has mostly been. All these issues are important in our lives; however, some of them absolutely have greater relevance in a given moment.

First: On a scale of 1–10, rate how important or pressing each aspect of your life is to you right now. A way to spark the process is to ask yourself:

“Right now, how much attention am I placing on this area of my life?”

1 = no attention; 10 = constant attention. Assign a number to each below in a first column.

Next: On a scale of 1–10, rate how satisfied you are with this aspect of your life. Ask yourself:

“How satisfied am I with this aspect of my life?”

1 = totally unsatisfied; 10 = super-satisfied. Enter these numbers into a second column.

And last, on a scale of 1–10, rate your desire for REbirth by asking:

“How deeply do I desire a new trajectory in this aspect of my life?”

1= no desire; 10 = deep desire. Enter these numbers in a third column.

Section 1: Physical Realm (every aspect of your physical body)

My Current Attention Satisfaction Level Desire for REbirth

1. General health
2. Stomach/digestion
3. Rest
4. Teeth
5. Energy
6. Mental stimulation
7. Self-image
8. Aging
9. Pain
10. Sleep
11. Sex
12. Exercise
13. Diet
14. Non-nourishing habits
15. Other physical issues _____________

Section 2: Emotional Realm (how you respond when your needs are not met)

My Current Attention Satisfaction Level Desire for REbirth

1. Empathy
2. Anger
3. Sadness
4. Jealousy
5. Regret
6. Self-worth
7. Confidence
8. Patience
9. Happiness
10. Joy
11. Celebration
12. Judgment
13. Gratitude
14. Defensiveness
15. Other emotional issues __________

Section 3: Material Realm (positions and possessions)

My Current Attention Satisfaction Level Desire for REbirth

1. Career or job
2. Income
3. Savings
4. Financial security
5. Insurance
6. Sense of safety
7. Residence
8. Possessions
9. Car
10. Jewelry
11. Furniture
12. Clothes
13. Worry over stuff
14. Abundance mind-set
15. Other material issues____________

Section 4: Relationship Realm (the birthing, repairing, shifting, and fresh start of connections you have with those in your life)

My Current Attention Satisfaction Level Desire for REbirth

1. Self-love
2. Self-trust
3. Front row
4. Feeling supported
5. Forgiveness
6. Core relationship
7. Ex
8. Close friends
9. Pets
10. Family
11. Co-workers
12. Community
13. Non-nourishing relationships
14. Stuck relationships
15. Other relationship issues___________

Section 5: Spiritual Realm (How the Universe flows through you, your basic nature, your connection to Spirit, Source, God, and the Divine Creator)

My Current Attention Satisfaction Level Desire for REbirth

1. Creativity
2. Purpose
3. Time in nature
4. Compassion
5. Peak experiences
6. Detachment
7. Faith
8. Acceptance
9. Charity
10. Daily meditation practice
11. Acts of kindness
12. Trusting the Universe
13. Understanding my purpose
14. Relationship with higher power
15. Other spiritual issues___________

Your high-attention areas are where the majority of your 60,000 thoughts a day have been concentrated. If there are areas of your life that you feel are important to you but your attention has been elsewhere, it’s because other high-attention areas are stealing your energy. In every moment, we get to choose where we want to place our energy. If you feel that you haven’t been giving your best to certain areas, it’s not because you don’t care. It’s because you are allowing other, less important issues to hijack your attention.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this exercise or would like more guidance on really awakening your power of REbirth, I invite you to join me for one of my retreats and workshops! Learn more at davidjimeditationacademy.com/events.

In the meantime, keep meditating, keep dying to the past, continue to let go of what no longer serves you, and I’ll see you in the gap. Namaste. -davidji

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