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7-minute Mindful Moment Weekend Meditation

Try this 7-minute Mindful Moment

  • In your car before you leave for work
  • At your desk to break up the day
  • To focus before you take an exam
  • When you pick up the kids from school
  • When you get home from work but before you go into the house.
  • Introduce this pattern interrupt into your schedule to stay the calm amidst the chaos.

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Why Should You Try this Meditation?

destressifying is not a term we often think about, but it is essential to our wholeness as individuals. It is our capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of uncertainty, overwhelm, disappointment, stress, adversity, trauma, or tragedy. We’re not simply talking about bouncing back after we’ve faced a challenge, but rather mastering our perception of the moment and cultivating our natural ability to seize that moment and express our best version of ourselves in the face of a demanding, difficult, and taxing situation.

Most likely, you are a regular person like me who wakes up each day in the comfort of your home. Maybe you walk your dog or dress your kids, make yourself a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal. You shower, you dress, and you head out to work to begin your day. Before all that, you check your messages upon waking. The e-mails flow into your inbox . . . the texts stack up . . . you go through the same conditioned daily rituals you have for the past decade—but at a faster pace than you did last year. You burn through the day sometimes on autopilot—return home, eat dinner, and then collapse.

Your life unfolds at high velocity as you try to live each moment with purpose and meaning, try to make the best decisions, try to show up and be the best version of yourself, try to add value to the world . . . to your life . . . and to the lives of others.

Some days it flows more easily than others. But every few hours throughout the day, you experience moments where your needs are not met, your expectations don’t unfold as predicted, or someone or something throws you for a loop.

You say or do something you wish you hadn’t; what once seemed clear is now filled with a swirl of confusion; you keep running out of time; you start taking shortcuts when you should have thought through a solution more carefully. And your bigger issues, your career, health, money, and relationships—and even your lifelong dreams—seem to take a backseat to the hundreds of less profound but necessary daily chores, responsibilities, and commitments.

You will awaken a better version of yourself as you let go of what no longer serves you, strengthen your resolve, lean in the direction of your dreams, learn to step into your power, connect with divine spirit, and live the life you were meant to live.

As you try to juggle all these lower- and higher-value tasks with everything else swirling around in your life, the result is stress. And the consequences can be devastating as you end up sacrificing the clarity of your thoughts, the impeccability of your words, the brilliance of your decision making, the potential of high performance, and the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. But these harmful aspects are not the only side of stress.

The most recent science is now demonstrating that stress can also strengthen us, build emotional resilience and mental toughness, help us forge deeper relationships, and teach us profound lessons.

This was my inspiration to share this destressifying meditation with you, as the newest studies have opened a door to understanding stress as multidimensional—a destroyer of mental and physical health and a life-affirming and healing force. It’s all a function of our perception in the moment – and it only takes 2 minutes to regain focus and clarity.

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