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Overcoming Fear & Anxiety in Your Life – 5 Minute Wisdom to Improve Your Relationships NOW

Hello Spiritual Warrior! This week we are discussing the process of overcoming fear & 5 common fears you may be feeling right now!

Fear obscures the opportunity that sits right before us. Fear colors every thought that has the potential to sprout into magnificence. As the Buddha said, “All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our world.”

And when we convince ourselves that what we want to happen won’t and what we don’t want to happen will, then we become a victim of our fantasies.

But we are better than that. We are stronger than that. We are more capable and blessed than we give ourselves credit for – and when we surrender to fear it is because we don’t trust. We don’t trust in the divine…we don’t trust our choices…and we don’t trust ourselves to make right decisions. There is a struggle within each of us where the worst possible scenario battles the best possible scenario for attention in a given moment. But we must remind ourselves that we have a choice in each moment…that we can choose the best outcome or the most painful outcome. And whatever we end up choosing, will become the seed for the next moment, hour, or rest of our day – and ultimately the rest of our life!!! This is the first step to overcoming fear… realizing that you always have that choice.

Here are some easy ways to start yourself in the process of overcoming fear:

1. Daily meditation. Try my Guided Meditation for Releasing Fear & Saying YES! to Life
2. 10-minute walk in nature.
3. Restorative Yoga.
4. Deep breathing or pranayama. Try my technique 16 seconds
5. Sensory therapy: soothing music or nature sounds, beautiful visual imagery, aromatherapy, self-massage, mindful eating.

With ritualized practices, we are able to develop an increased level of self-awareness and self-understanding. From that place of knowledge, we can track our behaviors and begin to notice our fear before it takes control of us and prevents us from living our life to the fullest.

To support your process, here are some additional steps:

1. Make your decision and OWN IT – know your impact!
2. Know that YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEAR and step outside of the bubble.
3. Shift your view – fear is GROWTH!
4. Taking small steps builds CONFIDENCE.
5. Make the choice not because you have to, but because YOU WANT TO.
6. Keep reminding yourself that fear is a part of the journey.
7. LIBERATE yourself and take on those fears

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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