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All NEW Secrets of Meditation is now available!!!

Welcome Spiritual Warrior!!! Five chapters, and 150 pages later… I’m excited to announce that the second edition of my award-winning book Secrets of Meditation is launching in March.

But the best part? You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today and get it before everyone else!!!

In 2012, I wrote Secrets of Meditation as an invitation for those who found themselves on the spiritual path. When we begin to journey into the depths of our soul and start reflecting on the meaning of our life, sometimes we find ourselves totally overwhelmed or confused.

Many of the teachings I encountered on my journey had rules, rigid practices, and were filled with dogma about the “right” way to meditate. You know I love dogs but I’m not so fond of dogma. Meditation should be fun, expansive, nourishing and light-filled. And so I set out to share all the different teachings I had encountered or immersed in so that others could find their way to this life-affirming practice in their own way and select the style that most resonated. I developed my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training based on the same principle. Meditation should be personal, uplifting, heart healing, and so much more.

Just a few days after Secrets of Meditation was released, I received hundreds of emails from readers around the world thanking me for sharing all the different styles, techniques, and practices without any rules. It won the Nautilus Book Award and many people thanked me for writing the first book that empowered them to meditate & yet gave them permission to do it in their own way – and this was my greatest joy because this transformational practice should be something we run to not run from.

As the years went on, my practice continued to evolve. I began teaching law enforcement, members of the military and people in the corporate world to destressify. I launched several stress management programs & mindful performance trainings for companies whose employees were feeling the overwhelm of high-pressure careers. So I wrote destressifying as a way for the mainstream world to access the ancient teachings and truly shift their lives without getting caught up in the woo woo aspects of this timeless wisdom. And it took off. destressifying became an Amazon.com #1 bestseller and became my second book to win the Nautilus Book Award.

As my teaching continued to evolve, I developed even more effective ways of guiding people to re-engage their practices & I was researching some very cool advanced techniques based on the newest brain science. In my explorations, I discovered additional amazing meditation practices that no one seemed to be teaching… and I wanted to share them with the world!!

So I picked up the original manuscript for Secrets of Meditation and began channeling from my heart. Five chapters, and 150 pages later, I had poured out my soul into the best meditation guidance I had in me…

I merged that with my story of spiritual awakening in the original book and BOOM! my revised edition was born. The two manuscripts merged like Soul into Spirit, in one giant aham brahmasmi baby! moment. And I am now thrilled to share with you the new, fresh, revised edition of Secrets of Meditation – containing my most powerful & practical guidance on taking your life to the next level through meditation. This expanded edition includes four new chapters, worksheets for setting intentions and tracking your progress, links to online guided meditations, the latest scientific research on mindfulness, and so much more. And on top of that, Hay House invited me to record the audiobook, which I had been hoping to do for all these years.

I am deeply grateful for you for inspiring me, hanging in there with me, giving me a reason to wake up every day, and trusting me to join you on this amazing path to freedom & love.

As a thank you for being such an important part of my journey all these years, please enjoy an excerpt from one of my new chapters – “The Five Secrets of the SweetSpot.” Enjoy. Keep meditating. And I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji


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