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Moving Through Change – Weekend Meditation

Everyone gets upset, angry, disappointed, or defeated when life unfolds differently than we anticipated. But how we respond to this non-stop flow of change that sweeps through us each day becomes the fabric of our life!

moving through change weekend meditation
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Change can offer us aha! moments, breakthroughs in stuck thinking, acceleration in the direction of our goals, opening of our heart… and it can also lead us to sadness, depression, resentment, regret, and in extreme cases, even shutting down, paralysis, and withdrawing. The key is to go back to what we can “control” – our thoughts (through meditation); our words (through impeccable & conscious speech); and our actions (through, as the Buddha said, right action…coming from a place of stillness and patience). Change, even if we don’t want it in the moment, can be beneficial.

Change brings us new opportunities to evolve, adapt, and move beyond limiting beliefs. In every change is a lesson. In every change is an opening for something new, letting go of the old, stepping into something fresh, letting go of the stale, being open to the unexpected, stepping beyond limits. Enjoy this weekend’s guided meditation on moving through change.

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