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Metta: Spreading Love Energies

Life Tools : What is Metta?

Metta is a Buddhist practice of energetically sharing loving kindness out into the world. 


The beauty of a Metta practice is that it doesn’t need to just be done in the depths of meditation. While that is one way to experience Metta, we can also experience it in our day-to-day lives while fully awake and moving throughout our day. 

Standing in line at a store? Send metta to everyone around you. Sitting in traffic? Send metta to everyone in every car surrounding you. Got a stressful event coming up, like a test or a job interview? Send metta to the situation! 

It is in the giving of Metta – letting it radiate out from your heart to others – that we also receive it back. The very act of spreading loving kindness out into the world can’t help but reflect back to you. What a powerful way to shift your energy and raise the vibration of yourself and everyone around you!

Give it a try today, and tomorrow, and every day. You’ll find a beautiful shift in your life!

Radiating loving kindness your way – with love from davidji 

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