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6-Minute Anxiety Eraser: Calm Your Mind, Find Serenity​

Anxiety Eraser: 6 Minutes to Serenity

Are you prone to anxiety when the going gets tough? We all live with stress, and it’s important to learn how to manage our nervous system when needed. 

And we don’t need to settle into a 30-minute meditation practice to get there – even just some long slow deep breaths can begin to slow down our stress response.

Feather your nest and give yourself this six-minute breather, allowing your body, mind and spirit to slow down to a more grounded and peaceful space. From there, you can return to your day with a clearer perspective and that mental and emotional shift that is so powerful.

Remember, comfort is queen for even a short meditation! Relax back into your posture and enjoy.

Namaste – davidji

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