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Merging into One-ness Weekend Meditation

Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.  ―Amit Ray

Mantra: Ayam atma brahman

Happy Easter weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Here we we are in this sacred precious present moment. What shall we do with it?

Peaches Teaches: rebirth is our birth right – we need to regularly re-invent, rejuvenate, re-create, and re-connect to all that is important in our lives. Easter is our perfect reminder to celebrate birth & re-birth, to reconnect with Source & to trust in the Universe. Happy Easter!!!!! May this sacred time of the year be a precious defining moment in your life!!

Join me this week in awakening our souls by merging into one-ness with the Universe. peace. -davidji

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7 thoughts on “Merging into One-ness Weekend Meditation”

  1. I just did this meditation and it’s almost 2 yrs later but it felt great! I feel very peaceful and connected. Thank you davidji. Namaste.

  2. MrDavidji-I’ve attended a couple of your conferences (Norfolk, Va and Orlando,Fl).
    I told you my dog was cuter than yours, thanked you for clarifying “no need to become a pretzel to float …” and all this smiling wide outside the restaurant realizing afterwards my teeth were ‘green’ – stickiest lettuce ever 😂😂😂‼️ Not thanking you would have been ‘ungrateful’
    🙃😂👎🏻Happy to reconnect – you make spiritual growth leading to clarity and peace doable … and that is wicked awesome. Thank you‼️Namaste 🙏🏻

  3. As usual, a meditation with Davidji is cleansing, uplifting & soothing! Thank you for all you do for humanity! With immense gratitude! Namaste!!!! You, too, Peaches!

  4. Hi David that was a difficult meditation at first I’m sure you know that😏 I stuck with it and mellowed out feel great thank you for opening my mind. 🙏Namaste

  5. An appropriate meditation on the Christian Easter holiday with the awareness our soul merging into Oneness!

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