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Mastering Your Fight or Flight Instinct (And What It Has to Do with Meditation)

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

Hello Spiritual Warriors! & welcome to another issue of The Source – where we transcend our illusions, elevate our strengths and work on mastering our emotions.

When we perceive a life- threatening situation, we react in the moment and choose one of two basic paths of survival: to fight or to run. This self-preservation destressifying mechanism is woven into every animal on the planet and has been for tens of thousands of years. There are no saber-toothed tigers out there; and unless we’re in a war zone, we rarely experience threats to our lives. But don’t tell that to your autonomic nervous system! The stressors of today may be different, but our bodies still react in the same way: blood flow to our organs decrease, hormone levels surge, blood sugar spikes, your blood gets thick and we perspire.

(Any of this remind you of the last time you got really angry at someone or a certain situation?)

But in every moment we have a choice. We are better than our instinct to lash out or withdraw. We are stronger than that! We are more capable and blessed than we give ourselves credit for – and when we surrender to fear it is because we don’t trust. We don’t trust in the divine…we don’t trust our choices…and we don’t trust ourselves to make right decisions. There is a struggle within each of us where the worst possible scenario battles the best possible scenario for attention in a given moment.

But we must remind ourselves that we have a choice in each moment…that we can choose the best outcome or the most painful outcome. And whatever we end up choosing, will become the seed for the next moment, hour, or rest of our day – and ultimately the rest of our life!!!

DestressifyingCoverSpread_wAMZNThrough the daily practice where we use the tools of destressifying – meditating, choosing positivity, connecting with our true needs, mastering our emotions, communicating consciously, & living with purpose – we can align with our own innate pure, perfect, wholeness where we can make choices without the conditioned negativity of our past. We can make choices from an abundance mentality rather than a poverty consciousness. We can direct our thoughts to the land of pure potentiality instead of the place of limiting beliefs.

And so when we find ourselves questioning our judgment. When we hear the voice in our head telling us we are less than or not worthy, we need to know that the word TRUST can be re-configured into STRUT! And that’s how we step into our Power…by giving yourself permission to strut, to believe again, to open our heart to the possibility that whatever negativity you can dream up is not FEAR but is False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. and can easily be offset by a positive internal conversation.

Simply use the mantra, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be” and you will find yourself trusting more, dying to the past, and STEPPING into your power.

How about we try it just for the week. Send me an email at with a fear you are working on right now and let’s see if we can replace it with your new vision, your new dream. A new you that is ready to STRUT and create your new world.


Peace. -davidji



10 thoughts on “Mastering Your Fight or Flight Instinct (And What It Has to Do with Meditation)”

  1. My fear…i have some physicall health sympoms that leave me wondering if I will ever have a diagnosis. Between menopause and anxiety for no reason, I would love to get an email back, i cant meditate whem my heart is pounding, and I LOVE to do my meditating!

  2. Hi Davidji,
    I have been meditating with you since Jan 2012. In the last little while I have found that many false beliefs are falling away from me. I also have found that if I put off a meditation that is when I really need to do it. I know things before they are going to happen sometimes. Is this normal. Some days I get into a cosmic laugh, and I cannot stop. And there are the days when I don’t believe. These are the hardest to deal with. Hope to see you soon at the nest in Carlsbad. I love your meditations and want to continue on with you. Some days I am so down, but I meditate anyway, Is this normal? Need some help with this. Thanking you in advance. Linda Namaste (I am the one that posts owls on FB chat to send to you..

  3. J’aimerais bien que vos vidéos soient en traduction française vous m’inspirez tellement mais je ne comprends pas toute la méditation que je parle seulement français….

    Je sais que c’est possible de votre part de le faire et merci pour tout ce beau travail que vous effectuez de diriger les conscienses vers plus de profondeur.

  4. Thank you Davidji! I have been practicing this for awhile now. I feel as though I am the observer I observe, recognize and let go. It seems to work very well! I love what you do for all of us!

  5. Am I able to complete my degree without quitting when the going gets tough and the self doubt kicks in?

  6. Greetings and thank you for your message today. I definitely come from a background of “conditioned negativity from the past.” My parents were reactors to life and that is how I was taught to deal with life’s problems. Get mad, assume the worst, hold a grudge, so much negativity. And yes, I can literally feel my body react when it is in that state. It’s a hard habit to break, but it can be done! The key for me is to start my day right (reading blogs like this and meditating). Also, surrounding myself with positive and loving people makes such a difference. I met a friend maybe 30 years ago and have seen her off and on over the years, but always, always, when we meet up at a family gathering, she walks over to me and takes my hand or puts a hand on my arm and looks very lovingly into my eyes and says very simply, “Linda, how are you?” And she just exudes perfect love. She inspires me to connect with my higher power, to choose positivity, to be grateful instead of complaining. Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring messages!

  7. The fear I have is hurting the one I love when I feel that I am criticized and get angry with her. This leads us directly to the fear and flight response.

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