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Limiting Beliefs

Hello Spiritual Warriors & welcome to another edition of The Source!

This week as we dive deep into personal empowerment, I was drawn to ask you a few questions:

  • “What are you afraid of?”
  • “What are you really afraid of?”
  • “What are the reasons you play small?”
  • “Don’t speak your voice?”
  • “Make excuses?”
  • “Pull yourself back?”
  • “Convince yourself not to take the bold step?”

Most likely it’s your limiting beliefs. And, we all have them. Even the most successful people are carrying beliefs that are self-limiting – they are just carrying different ones than you & I. It all comes down to fear… fear of being judged, not measuring up, having your heart broken, not being included – basic fears of not meeting our needs of attention, affection, appreciation & acceptance. We need to know those needs WILL be met… we want them… we crave them… but we don’t want anyone else to know we fear that they wont be met.

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These fears limit us. We believe their lies. We’ve embedded them into our being. And in a weak moment, we live our life from them. I’ve grouped our more popular limiting beliefs into seven categories:

1. I can’t be fully authentic.
I’m not good enough – I’m afraid of being found out. I’m afraid I will disappoint those around me. I can’t show the world who I really am because they’ll judge me in a harsh or unkind way.

2. I’m not loveable.
My dream partner will see how unattractive I really am. I’ve been burned before. I won’t risk opening my heart to love again because most likely no one will show up. (& if they do, they’ll quickly learn the truth.)

3. I’m not worthy.
I wont put myself out there because no one will notice me & if they do, I’m afraid of being turned down or rejected & ultimately judged as being a poser.

4. I’m not strong enough to be self-sufficient.
I won’t make requests of others or ask for favors because if I get rejected, I’ll appear needy or even worse – needy.

5. I’m not abundant.
The wealth of the universe is for others – it doesn’t include me. Those who look for greater riches are greedy, don’t understand karma, or aren’t spiritual. I can’t even count that high. How could I ever achieve that? I’m not that kind of person — I’m fine exactly where I am in life – I don’t need more success, so I’m not going to reach beyond where I am.

6. I’m not smart enough.
I didn’t go to Harvard or Oxford… Only those who have a fine academic pedigree can achieve. I can’t dream big because I wont attain my dreams – and that would announce to the world, that I don’t measure up.

7. I’m not valued.
I’m just a peon. People wont cherish my trust so I can’t trust them (& if I do, they will betray me).

These are just a few; but, there are hundreds of limiting beliefs that ripple through us throughout the day… and they keep us constricted, playing small, not being our best expression. AND YET, there are also so many times throughout the day when we step into our power. Trust in the universe. Embrace our highest expression. And own our impact.

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How do we move beyond our limiting beliefs??? The answer is courage. Having the courage to trust that the universe will deliver us to exactly where we need to be. But we need to show up to make that happen. We need to risk our heart; risk looking like a fool; risk being told “no”…

When you notice you are having one of those limiting belief moments, take a long slow deep breath in ask yourself, “Is this limiting belief really true?” Sit with the answer for a few minutes, and then remind yourself… aham brahmasmi baby! I am the universe!

DeStressify_DisplayHorz5FThis is deep stuff that I’ll explore with you in person at my destressifying workshop in September & at my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training, which begins in December.

If you can’t make it then, join me every Thursday on Hay House Radio where we go deeeeeeep into these timeless teachings. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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