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Increasing Your Vibrational Awareness

Hello Spiritual Warriors, and welcome to another edition of The Source!!!

This week in our videos, our meditations, on Hay House Radio, in our Tweets & posts on Instagram & Facebook, we’ve been exploring vibrational transformation.

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Whether you understand vibration in a spiritual context or from a scientific perspective, the definition is the same: Vibration is the high-speed motion of particles and their rhythm. When two separate entities vibrate at the same speed, they are connected in a special way. We call that connection attunement or being in resonance. We’ve all felt or said at one time, “That really resonates with me!” or “I don’t resonate with that!” Most likely we were referring to the energy of a person, an environment, or an experience – essentially, we were evaluating the energetic vibration of the moment.

Whether we view these experiences from a woo-woo, spiritual, or scientific standpoint – it’s all about energy. When energy gets really dense – it becomes heavier & more tangible (we refer to that as physical) and when it gets real subtle – it becomes lighter & can appear invisible (we refer to it as ethereal).

Everything we perceive, we take in vibrationally through our SIX senses – tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling & sensing. We know our thoughts become things… we know that the quieter we are, the better we hear… the more still we are, the more we sense movement… we know the MORE AWARE WE ARE, the more we perceive everything.

When your personal vibration and vibration of something outside of you are vibrating at the same rate – they are attuned and what may be perceived as “invisible” then becomes visible.

So by slowing down our distractions and connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within, we can better understand our own vibration and the vibration of all things outside of us. On so many occasions, I have been able to “see” the future, because my vibration has been attuned with the super high vibration of what has yet to unfold. People will ask me how I “predicted” something but I actually didn’t predict it… I was simply able to resonate at the same vibration as something that was yet to unfold. I was able to “see” it hours, days, or months before it happened. I don’t consider this predicting the future – I was just able to see the bigger picture.

This week, I encourage you get still… pay attention to your vibration. Close your eyes and feel your heart beat, listen to your breathing. Move a bit more in slow motion. Don’t reach for your device when you have a free 10 seconds. Instead, stop & witness the moment. Listen to sounds outside of you. Pay attention to the smells around you. Listen when people talk instead of thinking of your words. Eat a bit more mindfully. And do one thing at a time – no multi-tasking. Try uni-tasking. DOING ONE THING BRILLIANTLY!!!!!

Let’s commit to at least ten minutes of meditation every morning to set a trajectory of a high vibration. This week, let’s commit to raising our own vibration. Remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves!!!

I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji

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