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Increasing Your Vibrational Awareness

Hello Spiritual Warriors, and welcome to another edition of The Source!!!

This week in our videos, our meditations, on Hay House Radio, in our Tweets & posts on Instagram & Facebook, we’ve been exploring vibrational transformation.

Whether you understand vibration in a spiritual context or from a scientific perspective, the definition is the same: Vibration is the high-speed motion of particles and their rhythm. When two separate entities vibrate at the same speed, they are connected in a special way. We call that connection attunement or being in resonance. We’ve all felt or said at one time, “That really resonates with me!” or “I don’t resonate with that!” Most likely we were referring to the energy of a person, an environment, or an experience – essentially, we were evaluating the energetic vibration of the moment.

Whether we view these experiences from a woo-woo, spiritual, or scientific standpoint – it’s all about energy. When energy gets really dense – it becomes heavier & more tangible (we refer to that as physical) and when it gets real subtle – it becomes lighter & can appear invisible (we refer to it as ethereal).

Everything we perceive, we take in vibrationally through our SIX senses – tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling & sensing. We know our thoughts become things… we know that the quieter we are, the better we hear… the more still we are, the more we sense movement… we know the MORE AWARE WE ARE, the more we perceive everything.

When your personal vibration and vibration of something outside of you are vibrating at the same rate – they are attuned and what may be perceived as “invisible” then becomes visible.

So by slowing down our distractions and connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within, we can better understand our own vibration and the vibration of all things outside of us. On so many occasions, I have been able to “see” the future, because my vibration has been attuned with the super high vibration of what has yet to unfold. People will ask me how I “predicted” something but I actually didn’t predict it… I was simply able to resonate at the same vibration as something that was yet to unfold. I was able to “see” it hours, days, or months before it happened. I don’t consider this predicting the future – I was just able to see the bigger picture.

This week, I encourage you get still… pay attention to your vibration. Close your eyes and feel your heart beat, listen to your breathing. Move a bit more in slow motion. Don’t reach for your device when you have a free 10 seconds. Instead, stop & witness the moment. Listen to sounds outside of you. Pay attention to the smells around you. Listen when people talk instead of thinking of your words. Eat a bit more mindfully. And do one thing at a time – no multi-tasking. Try uni-tasking. DOING ONE THING BRILLIANTLY!!!!!

Let’s commit to at least ten minutes of meditation every morning to set a trajectory of a high vibration. This week, let’s commit to raising our own vibration. Remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves!!!

I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji

9 thoughts on “Increasing Your Vibrational Awareness”

  1. Ah Peaches, You are holding total bliss in your arms. How wonderful, and how lucky we are to have these beautiful souls here on earth with us. NAMASTE

  2. Thank you everyone who connected with me, I’m so grateful for the confirmation of my feelings and the fact it’s not just in my head. Love to you all. Namaste

  3. HI Davidjj. I met you in 2011. Since a child I have often knew things ahead of time or was able to know what people thoughts are. Its a knowing in a different way then a sis sense. The more i am able to understand myself and give my gift or ability to know I have felt more a wizard way of knowing. It seems different then a psychic,intuned, six sense. Its like Deepac description of Merlin. I only seem to find it useful in my therapy practice. But i see in your description of vibration is how it is happening. Being in my 60’s now, I have had alot of practice. THANKS Davidjj for your sharing of deepest connection.

  4. Holly, I abolutely love this. Of course you’ve seen your future. I’m sure you’ve seen your whole life in your dreams and you don’t even know it. LOL. I’m sorry about your husband but I promise you, you will live infinity lives with him. – I also feel like I’ve seen my own future and at times I know what’s going to happen before it even happens. My boyfriend says I’m physic but I honestly think that when I see the future I’m just at one with the universe.

  5. Dear davidji,

    I had an expierence in 1986 (doctors called it “a psychosis”), but it was more than that. I saw beautiful white light, felt LOVE and the Universe told me I had a beautiful aura. Also experienced lots of stuff which really happened in the years afterwards.
    And you,I thank God for this, use such beautiful words, to explain all of this.
    I meditated already years before this happened, but it has been a big wake up call for me.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautifull meditations.

  6. Sending Holly Ruiz love and high vibrations. Davidji thank you , your teachings are a gift I treasure!!

  7. Love all the suggestions for getting into a higher vibrational state – “Uni-tasking” – absolutely. So easy to think we are getting ‘a lot done’ when we do ten things at once…and then wonder why we are ungrounded and scattered.;) Here’s to living one heartbeat at a time in connection with all other hearts. Beautiful, Davidji (and Peaches)

    PS To Holly… sending you love and healing in dealing with your loss. May you find peace in knowing that your husband will always be at your side. Trust your vibes. xx

  8. I love this so much, “it totally resonated with me!” I saw you at the Seattle I Can Do It and you signed my book and someone gave you a card that said something personal towards you at the same time and you let me read it and I said wow, it must have been a compliment lol, but I watched the video and shared it with my kids because I want then to see me on my journey and told them I met the author of your book. I know I have seen the future in my dreams, I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a dream about my husband dying at work, and it actually came true. I didn’t realize it at first until I was at the hospital, he was a window cleaner and fell at work. And when I was at the hospital and they wheeled him around the corner I knew it was exactly how I dreamed it. When I woke up from my dreams few months before, I told him of my dream when I woke up crying and he said it was only a dream. But it came true and I experienced it exactly how it played out in my dream before it happened. I was on a journey before but this just put me in spiritual overdrive trying to figure out why I saw this and why it came true. This happened in Nov 2014. He is my soulmate and from readings I’ve had we have had many lifetimes together which is why when I met him, everything just felt right, I’d finish his thoughts or say what he was thinking before he said it. It’s still unreal to me sometimes that he’s passed. I’m beside myself with grief and some days I’m ok, I just live day by day and in the moment as much as possible. I have been meditating more often and trying to feel my higher vibes. I feel his presence and lately I’ve also seen energies Atleast I think that’s what I’m seeing. Sorry for the long post but I think meditation is helping already and I agree with what you are saying and felt like I needed to get that out.

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