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Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Frances Lane via Compfight cc

If we’re vibrating at a high frequency, we can sense all things around us. If we’re vibrating at a low frequency, we’re trapped in our mind. Immune to all sounds, emotional interpretations. Every thing is about attention and intention. The only way to raise our vibration is to start with the seed of silence and stillness. Then, all sensations start to expand and come alive.

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9 thoughts on “Vibration – Weekend Meditation”

  1. Dearest Davidji,
    I have been remiss… So many things have been happening around me – good things mainly – but it distracted me from my practice. Today, I wanted to ease back in and used this guided meditation. I am so grateful for you and all the good vibrations you offer. Look after that voice!
    As ever and always, Namaste!

  2. I am so happy that you are on this earth, here and now, have been following you since Jan. 2012. You have shared so much, and from the bottom of my heart and beyond, I thank you.

  3. Thank You Davidji,for this beautiful moment every morning. I look forward to your meditation each day. The sound of your voice,the sea waves the chimes and the Blessed words of the meditation.

  4. What a beautiful way to consciously enter my day!The peace and love in your voice,words,and subtle music return me instantly to source.Mahalo nui loa!
    Debbie K.

  5. You have indeed put me on a higher frequency ! I am profoundly grateful ! You are an adorable human being dipping into the Divine Self at all times! God keep you healthy and active all your life!

  6. David Ji , your voice and your meditation is most soothing and effective! I thank you for the peace you have brought into my life !

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