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How To Stop Procrastinating – Life Tools

Stop Procastinating & Own Your Impact

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

Stop Procrastinating and Own Your Impact

Procrastination – stalling, putting off, hoping that what you dream and desire without you taking a step. 
It’s easy to procrastinate with all of the things that we need to do with our lives, and our meditation practice is so often the first thing to go! 
Stop Procrastinating
Why on earth do we take the most peaceful part of our day and put that on the back burner? How can we get some inspiration and momentum behind this practice, so that it becomes an effortless start to our day? 
Science has confirmed that what we do in the first 30 minutes of our day actually sets the trajectory of our way. 
In this video, I mention Michelle Gielan’s book “Broadcasting Happiness”, in which she reports on this study in which people were exposed to violent imagery upon waking – no, I’m not talking about watching a war movie – I’m simply talking about turning on the news, or checking social media, or reading the newspaper. 
12 hours later – when the people in this study were asked how their day was – those that were exposed to the negative imagery first thing in the morning were 40% more likely to say they did not have a good day – no matter how much awesomeness happened within it!
When these same people were exposed to positive imagery upon arising – by meditating, listening to peaceful music, watching cute animal videos – they were 20% more like 12 hours later to say that they had a good day, even if bad things happened during it.
Consider where you get your info in the first 30 minutes. How can you make a change in order to say that you had a great day, at the end of your day?
The only way that we can truly guarantee that our meditation practice is locked in, is to ritualize it. So if we create a morning routine that includes sacred ritual, we will look forward to our practice and will make sure that we don’t skip it.
Start with baby steps! Just start with dedicating five minutes – FIVE MINUTES! – to meditating first thing in the morning. Gift yourself that stillness and silence as you start your day, and watch how much it transforms your outlook as you move throughout your day.
Never forget to be kind to yourself throughout this process – and remember that bean by bean, the bag gets full. 
Namaste – davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess
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