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How to Be the BEST VERSION of Yourself – 1 Simple Rule

Hello Spiritual Warrior, today we are discussing how to be the BEST VERSION of yourself. I'll give you 1 simple rule in this video to get closer to your best version.

Excuses, excuses! We have a million of them; a million reasons why we haven’t started that project, why we haven’t made that commitment, why we’re waiting for the right moment. We stall our dreams waiting for the perfect moment… but what is perfection, really?

Perfection is progress. Perfection is evolution! Perfection is us embracing the wholeness of life. Many of us carry a heavy burden to be perfect in all aspects of our lives; to always do the right thing, make the right choice, use the right words, move in the right direction. But, perfection really isn’t the ultimate goal. The goal is showing up a little bit better than you did yesterday, slowly building up the best versions of yourself.

Sometimes when we focus too much on the end result, we lose sight of the magnificent process of growth… of progress… continually moving in the direction of our goals – in the direction of the best version of yourself – while staying mindful of the steps we’re taking to get there.

best version of yourselfBut here we are, with the tools of meditation, mindfulness, community support, I have given you these tools for FREE because you have been a loyal member of this community. There are no more excuses! You can make the decision to move forward today! Don’t like the imaginary ideal of “perfection” hold you back from taking the first step. This is a process of evolution, not the process of trying to reach the illusory “perfect” self. 

Our lives are full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, fear and courage. This process of back and forth, not just mindlessly living it but actually embracing it, THIS IS PROGRESS! This is how you take one step, day by day, to get a little closer to the best version of yourself.

But it can be overwhelming, however, to embrace life when you’re struggling. That’s when you lean on your meditation practice to get you through, give you clarity, and help you move through difficult times with greater ease and grace.

So, this week let’s embrace the good with the bad and focus on progress, evolution and leaning in the direction of our dreams!!! And don’t be so hard on yourself as you move through this process! 

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Sending you expansive love, personal growth, and health. Be well.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess


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