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Healing Your Heart (Anahata) Weekend Meditation

Photo by Nancy MacLeod

Mantra: Om Yum Ritam

To find your heart, or anahata, chakra simply place your hand on your heart. That’s where your loving energy radiates from. This is your center of compassion. This is where your ability to be peace, love unconditionally, trust in the divine, and, most important, to forgive reside. This includes not just forgiving others but forgiving yourself as well. Its color is green – and with each breath – feel a green pulse of pure love wash through your body.

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 width=Curious about how chakras balance your mindbodyspirit?

It’s a topic we dive deeply into in my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training beginning in June. Ayurveda teaches us to study, understand, and balance our mindbodyspirit as a whole – promoting an existence that is in tune with the natural rhythms of nature – and the oneness that rests at the core of our existence. When you apply conscious living practices like chakra awareness techniques, your self-observation and connectivity expands organically.

This is just one of many of the profound ancient teachings we explore in my teacher training! In addition, those enrolled in my 16-week program experience a one-on-one Skype call with me, a live video webinar per month (four total) in which you will interact with your fellow teachers in training, have continuous interaction with me, as well as video and audio teachings each week (16 weekly lessons).

The final week of meditation teacher training concludes your training with an intensive seven-days “in-residence” at The Meditation Nest in Carlsbad, Calif. davidji will guide you to elevating your meditation practice to a higher and deeper level. You will achieve greater knowledge and understanding of the most esteemed masters and their timeless teachings.

davidji masters of meditation and wisdom teacher training

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