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Sound Healing



“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” ~ Beethoven 

Happy Mother’s Day – hug your mama today!!!!!!!!!! Send her healing vibrations and know that right now…someone is also sending you healing LOVE as well.

The mind is capable of all things which includes returning us to the memory of wholeness before all this conditioning began…before all these expectations in life that we placed upon our self to try to navigate these wild and turbulent energetic flows of our existence.

But we are not our mind; we are not our body. We have a mind, and we have a body but we are neither. Those are simply the layers of our human existence. At our core – beneath this flesh casing and deeper still beneath the fluctuations of our mind…we are pure, infinite, perfect, whole, and abundant. When you close your eyes and step away from your ego and your physical body, you become aware that the witness rests within, deep, deep, deep within. Beneath all these layers of your physical self, your ego, your intellect; beneath all the possibilities that exist in the physical and the subtle realm, the eternal rests in the space between our thoughts, between our words, and between our physical actions and behaviors.

And so –in each moment- we have an opportunity to expand that space, connect more deeply to it, and move into the next moment with grace, ease, and the expressions of our most divine Self.

The power of sound is a magnificent tool that can help us connect to the pure, present moment when we are feeling weakened, stressful, anxious, less than, constricted, sad, depressed, or needing a little pick-up. When we can step into the space that rests deep within, we can transcend any limiting belief, any emotional challenge, and any physical constriction.

So this weekend, let’s use SOUND to help us heal…to help us connect to the wholeness that is the hallmark of our most genuine Self. When we listen to sounds of nature, the gentle movement of our breath, or the soothing vibrations of music, we surrender to the healing flow of life and innocently let the universe speak to us through our body and our mind. The silent messages that the whispers of the universe send to us are magnificent ones to follow: trust more, believe more, love more, give up control more, blame less, finger point less, embrace your impact, and celebrate your glorious ripple.

As you go about your day in conversations where you are waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can speak – LISTEN. In instances where you wish you had more patience, or more grace, or more compassion, or more acceptance – LISTEN. In moments where your body is jittery and your mind is swirling – LISTEN.

And it is in our willingness to listen rather than speak, that our heart and mind opens up just a little bit. And in this sweet expansion, we connect with our most divine self – that part of us that is pure, healed, whole, infinite and abundant. Join me in this meditation where we will access our inner healer through the power of SOUND. I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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