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The Celebration of Sound


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“Your voice is my favorite sound.”

Welcome to a celebration of sound!

Every moment we are in activity and whether we like it or not, our sweet ears will capture all the vibrations flowing around us from miles away to within inches of our body.

Sound vibrations can drift us away from our thoughts – they can move us to tears and ecstasy; from comfort to discomfort; from sleep to awake and back to sleep again as they relax and calm our mind and then our body.

We can even feel the vibrations of sound through our skin and deep into our soul.

Sound therapy is an age-old healing practice that connects at the deepest level of our physiology firing the neurons in our brain to the tempo it’s played at. Since there are an infinite number of vibrations that exist, there are infinite amount of variables that come into play through sound healing but the powerful ability to bring wholeness and oneness into the moment is universal.

From the primordial sounds of nature, to bells, drums, chimes, gongs, and bowls, to the voice of a sentient being whether human or animal, sound vibrations subtly bypass our intellectual stimulus in the brain and move directly to our subconscious the doorway to the soul.

Music has been scientifically shown to have influences on our immune system, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and even our perception of pain. I detail this in depth in Secrets of Meditation (link to book page)

Most cultures consciously an unconsciously value the importance of music and sound as a healing power. From the ancient cultures of India, Asia, Africa, and Europe and especially among the Native, Aboriginal and American Indians, the practice of using sound to heal, balance, and awaken transformation is deeply woven into their rituals and practices of daily life.

Sound healers such as the group SacredFire can use their gifts to effect changes in our physiology, our communication, our cognitive abilities, our social interactions, and the core emotional aspects of our being. Sound healing can elevate our learning patterns, help to promote emotional, mental, social and physical growth, and can even awaken our own internal healing abilities. We will explore these healing practices this November in Tulum, Mexico.

Sound healing captivates our attention and stimulates nourishing chemicals and hormones. It transcends time – moving us beyond the physical realm. It connects us to memories, awakens emotions, and aligns us with experiences of the past reminding us of our wholeness.

That is why I’ve chose to include powerful magnificent sound healing experiences at my Immersions, Retreats, and Teacher Trainings.

There’s only so much info that we can absorb before our mind shuts down but at the level of the soul, we crave healing sound and healing silence.

So meditate…dance…and surrender to sound! Because in each moment…we are healing ourselves at the level of the Soul. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap. Peace. -davidji


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Join davidji & peaches LIVE! from the SweetSpot on hayhouseradio.com
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