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Emotional Freedom – 17-minute guided meditation

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

Hello, my beautiful Spiritual Warrior! This week let’s take control of our emotional freedom. We can begin the journey of emotional freedom, REbirth, and self-evolution by taking some quiet time right now, reading, reflecting on, and writing down answers to 25 Sacred Questions. Following each question, we’ll find some guidance to help spark the process of awakening our Sacred Power of Acceptance. Beyond these 25, there are many deep questions we can ask ourselves to foster deeper exploration and set the foundation for our new Winning Formula. These questions we may ask ourselves today can be just as simple as describing who we are, how we want to define ourself, or even what we like to do.

According to the ideology, the root of all suffering in the world is the ignorance of our oneness. The only way to achieve true liberation is by directly understanding this oneness by actually experiencing it. Moksha (pronounced moke-sha) is the Sanskrit word for being emotionally free. An ancient Vedic text called the Katha Upanishad originally articulated the idea of moksha, which refers to one’s release from the never-ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. But for thousands of years, it was also understood to represent our ideal state of existence, a condition of complete liberation from our ego and all of the emotional restraints that burden us so greatly. Moksha, in my definition, is complete liberation from the past. Whatever you choose to call it, keep in mind that its origins are in the Sanskrit word muc, which can mean release, free, or let go. The journey to moksha is realizing that everything in existence is non-dual—that there aren’t really two of anything

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There is only one step to emotional freedom—only one step that will allow us to love again, and that is self-kindness and empathy. We must decide right now that we are worthy of the love of the Universe—and that we certainly are worthy of being loved again by another. If we commit right now to self-love and empathy, the hardening of our hearts will stop . . . a softening will occur . . . and love will begin showing up on our doorstep.

Return to the most divine, infinite state. Together let’s surrender to the fire of transformation and let go of what no longer serves us so we can invite our true self to shine through and make room for an abundance of emotional freedom. We are emotionally free. Liberate yourself from negative emotions and create a positive life. When the world feels like it’s closing in on you, or you feel like you’ve come to a dead end, simply bring yourself back to, Moksha. I am free.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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