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Divine Presence Weekend Meditation

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you remember that you have the divine spark of God inside you? Do you remember that you are one with everything, with all existence, in every moment? Do you remember that the universe holds a special place for you because you are so magnificent?

The divine exists outside of you and the divine exists within you. You simply have to allow yourself to see your greatness. You are never alone. The spirit that vibrates so brilliantly within you is just a small piece of something infinite and beautiful. Brahman is the pure reality of all existence; it is truth, knowingness, bliss, holiness, spirit … essentially the thread of one-ness that runs through the diversity of all that exists in this life. And Adi Shankara taught that it is always there and available to us. But we must awaken ourselves to it; see through the maya; and then surrender to it.

We can start the process by recognizing that the soul that rests within you is no different than the eternal spirit that exists outside of you. In Sanskrit, your soul is called the atman – and spirit is brahman. And according to these ancient teachings of advaita – the philosophy of non-dualism:

Ayam atma brahman – the soul & the spirit are the same.

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  10. Om Mani Padme Hum 22:48



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