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Divine Presence: The Universe Is Inside You

Hello Spiritual Warriors, and welcome to the newest edition of The Source!!! This week we’ve been exploring divine presence – the universe flowing through every breath you take, every thought that unfolds and every cell in your body.

Divine presence can take three basic forms in our life:

  • Presence in our own essence,
  • Presence in all beings, and
  • Presence in nature & in the world around us.

In Sanskrit, the term is known as brahman – and it was popularized 1,400 years ago by the great sage Adi Shankara, who taught that brahman is pure unbounded spirit – the highest universal principle that exists. According to this ancient teacher, divine presence is everywhere … is everything … is the ONLY thing. But we are often blind to it because of the separations, layers and comparisons we place on it every moment.

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We create illusions, known as maya in Sanskrit, and dress the world in these illusions. We draw separations between us and others based on their physical bodies, their culture, their clothing, their beliefs, their attitudes, their choices, their words and their actions.

Brahman is the pure reality of all existence; it is truth, knowingness, bliss, holiness, spirit … essentially the thread of one-ness that runs through the diversity of all that exists in this life. And Adi Shankara taught that it is always there and available to us. But we must awaken ourselves to it; see through the maya; and then surrender to it.

We can start the process by recognizing that the soul that rests within you is no different than the eternal spirit that exists outside of you. In Sanskrit, your soul is called the atman – and spirit is brahman. And according to these ancient teachings of advaita – the philosophy of non-dualism:

Ayam atma brahman – the soul & the spirit are the same.

These teachings go even deeper! Advaita teaches that your soul is your original spiritual self!! Never born and it will never die. Your soul is your worldly connection to divine presence, and we can activate that divine presence every time we:

  • Choose love over fear;
  • Trust in the universe; and,
  • Authentically see and treat another as our self.

Let’s spend this week awakening to divine presence and practicing these three steps. Send me an email with your feedback to info@davidji.com. Throughout the day, whisper to yourself: Aham brahmasmi, baby!! I am the Universe! And you’ll feel the magnificence of divine presence in your life. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!!

Peace. -davidji

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