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Debut of “Moksha” Music Video from “Journey to Infinity”

Moksha in Sanskrit means “liberation.”

Sometimes something magical happens when you go into the studio to record. My spiritual opera is a journey through the classical 5 elements in Ayurveda – space, air, fire, water, and earth. Collectively known in Sanskrit as the mahabhutas (the great elements), these are the foundational building blocks of everything in life.

Space is about infinite potential – it’s the womb of all creation – pregnant with possibilities and the birthing place within our lives for our next thought, word, and action.

Air is about movement and flow – the divine circulation of the universe and the flow that exists within each one of us as we channel the divine and express god is through our daily contemplations and interactions.

Vertical adsFire is about transformation, metabolism
– the crystallization of life – whatever we are moving through, chewing on, or struggling with at any given time. The clarity at the end of the tunnel.

Water is about cohesiveness and protection – the sweet vital nectar that remains after fire has burned away the illusions, disturbances and distractions of existence. The nourishment and coming together of each moment.

Earth is about structure, stability, and steadiness – the consistent and reliable characteristics of life. The ground we walk upon and the solidity we seek in each moment.

If spirituality is our journey from our most individual self to our most universal self, the five mahabhutas provide the perfect platform to explore the magnificence of the universe and our own universality- seeing the personal aspect in each element and seeing how awakening their divine qualities within us is the doorway to expansion, abundance, love, healing, growth, and transformation. Ultimately, our path to one-ness.

“Moksha” is a water track about emotional freedom. MJ’s ethereal, cathartic, and deep soulful vocals combined with Dean’s brilliant guitar, drums, and percussion make this meditation one of my favorites of all time.

If you are seeking some emotional freedom, one listen to “Moksha” will touch the tenderness of your heart and allow you to release some emotional pain that you’ve been suppressing or holding on to. It’s the perfect meditation to end your yoga class. Laying in savasana listening to “Moksha” will allow your asana practice to integrate within you as you experience true body, mind, heart, soul liberation.

Enjoy. Peace. –davidji

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