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How To Stop Playing Small

Stop Playing Small

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

There is a magnificent calling that the universe has bestowed upon each and every one of us, and we have a responsibility to hear the call, and to step into our grace, our power and our magnificence.

It’s only human to play small – we get lazy, or tired, or dull, or acting out of fear. But this is a normal part of being human! It happens to the best of us.

We shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we notice ourselves leaning away from our magnificence – allow these feelings, instead, to be a calling to you, a reminder that you deserve more – to be your highest expression and shine your light into the world.

Simply acknowledging these moments is the first, and most powerful, step to take in order to go beyond it. This is our opportunity to look at it with curiosity and even laughter (“Listen up, self! You can do better!”) 

We can use playing small in order to be the inspiration to play big. Let the playing small be a reminder that we want and deserve more from life than how we may have been showing up for it.

Never forget your magnificence – the world needs you to shine!

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