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Who is your 1 archetype right now? – Choose your archetype to transform now

Hello Spiritual Warrior, today we will be exploring archetypes. Who is your archetype? What person or trait would you like to embody?

Hello Spiritual Warriors!! When you are just about to leap – into a job… a relationship… a business… a new way of being, doing, or thinking… sometimes we can feel like we don’t have the energy or confidence or courage or smarts to take us to the next level. 

Sometimes it’s a little voice in our head telling us we can’t do it; sometimes it’s a person in our life shaking their head or smirking; and sometimes it’s the circumstances that seem so daunting, over-whelming, or over-powering. When we realize that we don’t have what it takes in the critical moment – that’s when can begin awakening archetypes.

What is an archetype? 

Basically, it’s the embodiment in another being, myth, or force of nature that contains the trait or characteristic we need to access in the critical moment. For example, an easy archetype to understand might be if you have to lift a heavy object – let’s say, moving big boxes from one room to another. In that moment – since you are not a body-builder- you would call upon someone who is! Not by dialing the phone… but by connecting to them inside your very body!! 

So in this instance, you would awaken your inner Hulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thor, Sumo Wrestler, or the Supreme Box Lifter that rests inside yourself. We’d call upon whomever we think of when we think of pure strength… we’d connect with that energy, and we’d move those boxes!!

archetypeArchetypes are states of information, energy and awareness that rest sleeping inside us. By awakening archetypes, we summon the power to find our next gear. Archetypes exist in the collective domain of the unmanifest and are available to each of us at any time. They exist as a god or goddess in embryo waiting to be born. And they can take the form or shape of whatever it is we are trying to summon.

HorizLandscapeSky_120x600 (1)So who is the archetype that you call upon, when you:

Need more strength? More courage? More grace? More compassion? More patience? More awareness? More resilience? More tenderness? More impeccability? More understanding? More determination? More creativity? More kindness? More forgiveness? More boldness? More wisdom?

We are awakening archetypes when we simply plant the seeds of our intentions & desires. If we do it on a regular basis, we get more skilled at it and the archetypal energies we summon start flowing to us more consistently. 

So make your list today of your top ten archetypes for moving you through your life. Actually write them down and read the list a few times throughout the day. Feel free to delete archetypes that are no longer needed or who have worn out their usefulness; and feel fee to add new ones as new challenges, circumstances, and situations reveal themselves.

Within a few days, you’ll have them all at your fingertips – and whenever you need a little extra something – POW! – call upon them and see what happens.

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Sending you expansive love, personal growth, and health. Be well.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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