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If You Can Breathe, You Can Dream … Again


When was the last time you had a dream evaporate into thin air? You had your heart set on something happening or unfolding in a certain way and suddenly or in slow motion…it unraveled or simply did not turn out as expected.

When I find myself in that space – these have been life-changing lessons for me: essentially coming to grips with my dreams that have either 1) been stuck at the starting line due to procrastination 2) unfolded in a very different (unforeseen) way than anticipated, or 3) manifested close to the original dream but I am attached to the exact outcome I first visioned.

There are some dreams that I have manifested 99% –almost perfect— (when that happens, it means my heart was closely aligned with the universe’s plan) yet I have then hung on to coax out the remaining 1% and in the process torture myself or try to force an outcome rather than celebrating, holding a parade, patting myself on the back, or giving myself credit.

That happened recently to me where seeds I planted almost ten years ago blossomed and bloomed into the most magnificent manifestation – beyond my dreams…delivering gifts into my life that I had never fathomed. But rather than acknowledge the gifts…I got stuck on one of the key elements that had not unfolded as predicted. I allowed it to become a sore point – a point of contention and disappointment.

Imagine: 99% miracles…and there I was stuck on the 1% grievance.

I kept looking at the grievance – and instead of feeling celebratory over the miracles, I wove that grievance into the thread of my day-to-day. It became a weight on my heart…a consistent buzz kill in every moment.

After some time (days) in silence and reflection, it unfolded to me. It was as if I had dreamed a 100-foot magnificent tree, planted the seed, watered it, nourished it, fertilized it, showered it with love and when it only grew to 99 feet – I became obsessed with the last foot instead of heralding my beautiful 99 foot tree.

So last week, when it was clear to me where my constriction was, I created a ritual where I wrote down my original vision on a piece of paper, honored it ,and then burned it in a fire transformation ceremony. That process allowed me to release the 1% and inspired me to plant new seeds for a new different vision that took the previous one into account as the new foundation for my next manifestation.

With that ritual, I also released all the pain, tears, and heartache I had attached to the anticipated journey of unfoldment. I let it all go and honored where it had brought me…where it had divinely set me up for the next dream.

And that has allowed me to take a step forward to a new vision…a new dream. If you can breathe…you can dream; and if you can dream…you can manifest.

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