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Awakening Your Spirit Guide

Greetings Spiritual Warriors!!!

I hope your meditation practice is helping you
connect to the stillness & silence that rests within!

As we continue to meditate, we continue to become more sensitive to the world around us… and the more subtle aspects of our own being. As we align more with the universal flow, our awareness grows and soon we find ourselves listening more easily to the whispers of our heart.


It is in these most sacred conversations, that we start to connect more deeply to source. The messengers that travel between the wisdom of the universe and our most divine self are known as Spirit Guides. They teach us, inspire us, uplift us… even heal us as they gently nudge us closer to our dharma, our passion… to the best versions of ourselves… and ultimately to our divinity.

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Spirit Guides can take the form of celestial beings either in this life or from the past; they can appear as angels, wizards, shamans, or deities; they can express themselves as the embodiment of totems, images, animal energy, forces of nature, heavenly messages, or signs from God. Depending upon your orientation, they can take the form of ascended masters or ancestral instructors – the voice of Jesus, the teachings of the Buddha, the compassion of Kwan Yin, the insight of Krishna, they comfort of a wise woman or the instruction of a medicine man… essentially, they take the form of whatever divine expression most naturally appears to you.

But once they have appeared… the connection is established. Then it is up to you to continue the dialog. I’ve often said if prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening. And as long as you continue to meditate, pray, contemplate, or reflect in the quietude of your heart, the conversation evolves into a communing – where words are transcended by feelings and ultimately intuitive messages that guide you to lead with love, make better decisions, expand your awareness, and live more fully in the moment. Your choices unfold with grace & ease. Your challenging moments morph into peaceful resolutions; your darkness effortlessly is replaced by light; and you start to live each moment from your highest calling.


The process is different for everyone; but there are a few common elements that are core to most understandings of the Spirit Guide:

  • Spirit guides are just that… Guides. They help us solve problems. We ask… and they answer.
  • Spirit guides are teachers – their intentions are pure & they help us grow through the depth of our connection to source.
  • Their messages are not always literal but can take the form of stories, parables, metaphors or hints.
  • Our relationship with a Spirit Guide deepens as we meditate and spend more time in silence.

So this week, let’s cultivate our relationship with our Spirit Guide… and whether that’s your higher power, the divine creator, or the God you pray to… let’s get a little closer to the source of all existence! And through that connection, we will step through our pain, our confusion, our darkness, our sadness, and our weaknesses into a life filled with greater courage, tenderness, clarity, and strength. Join me this week on HayHouseRadio and we’ll take it deeper – and spend some time with my most recent guided meditation on awakening your spirit guide.

Listen to this week’s guided meditation on Awakening Your Spirit Guide.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. –davidji


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