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Awaken Your Cosmic Energy

Happy weekend spiritual warrior!

We are all in the same boat of conflict and confusion. Everyone is doing their best from their own level of consciousness. This weekend, let’s raise our vibrational level and shine our brightest light, elevating everyone and everything around us.



August 26 – August 28, 2016
Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

In this world premiere SOUL AWAKENING experience davidji & James will teach you the process of getting so quiet that you will hear the whispers of the divine. In an intimate and soul enriching setting, you will:

Experience personal transformation;
Learn ancient meditation & sacred mantra techniques for connecting to Spirit;
Raise your vibration to tune into your soul wisdom;
Connect with the Spirits of loved ones and ancient ancestors who will guide you on your spiritual journey
Learning to speak to angels, spirit guides, and loved ones in the other realm.
The joy that James & davidji share is infectious so if you are looking to experience bliss, awaken your soul; and connect with spirit – these 3 days will shift every fiber of your being. Treat your soul to a weekend with these two gifted spiritual teachers in a gorgeous setting! You’ll leave refreshed, renewed and inspired – with the tools you need to lock in a daily meditation practice, a deeper connection to your natural intuition, and an enduring connection to Spirit!

Learn more!!

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