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Awakening Compassion: Karuna 15-Minute Guided Meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior!

Please enjoy this 15-minute Meditation on Awakening Compassion (Karuna).

The goddess Tara protects us from dangers and fear. She heals illnesses and brings us abundance.- Green Tara, specifically, is the goddess of compassion. Green is the color of the heart chakra and our awakening of compassion.

Whoever prays to Tara receives her benefits – pure compassion in action. By chanting the Tara mantra, we awaken comp within ourselves, within the world, and align our heart with the heart of the universe.

In many statues of Tara, you will see her seated with her right foot extended out, because she is prepared to get up and help humanity at any given moment. Her hands are open as a symbol of her generosity and openness to reach out to others.

In many images, you will see her with an open eye in the palms of her hands and on the soles of her feet, meaning she is always looking out for beings needing assistance and freedom from their suffering.

Our mantra for awakening compassion in this meditation is Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha:

Om = the sacred vibration that heralds our oneness

Tare = liberated from all suffering

Tuttare = liberated from the eight great spiritual fears (see below)

Ture = liberated from duality

Soha (or Swaha) = may the meaning of the mantra take root within me

The eight great spiritual fears are:

  1. Ignorance

  2. Pride

  3. Anger

  4. Jealousy

  5. Wrong thinking

  6. Greed

  7. Desire and attachment

  8. Doubts

Chanting this mantra out loud, singing it, or silently repeating it to ourselves awakens the space for divine compassion, love and healing power to enter into our body, mind, heart and soul..

We can call on the beautiful green goddess Tara to always bring us back to our compassionate heart and remember the sacred oneness that lies beneath everything that is seen, felt and experienced. Enjoy using this mantra in your meditation, and perhaps even continue letting it percolate within, chanting it silently as you move through your days and your life.

Live in that space of compassion in action – the world needs more of it, and it needs you to share it.

From my heart to yours, namaste.

– davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

Let’s meditate ♡

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