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Accessing Your Purity Guided Meditation

You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too. – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Join me in making a personal commitment to carry the essence of sattwa (purity) this week – steady, calm and peaceful.

You are what we think because with your thoughts you create your world; therefore, speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow. Your thoughts are the divine expressions of the universe, but it is only once the universe flows into us that we are able to become pure. You have total control over our actions, yet you have no control of what will come from those actions.

Through meditation you can access the purity and wholeness that lies within you so you can then flow it back out into the world. Once you understand that you are a translator of the universe in every moment, you can begin to experience happiness. So today’s meditation will be on accessing your purity.

Peace. -davidji

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