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17-Minute Guided Meditation What is Mantra

A mantra is a mind vehicle, or mind instrument.

What is Mantra?

Please enjoy this 17-minute meditation on what mantra is and means.

In Sanskrit, man means mind, and tra means vehicle, or instrument.

A mantra is a mind vehicle, or a mind instrument. We use a mantra as an object of our attention, and it allows us to step away from the 60-80,000 thoughts that take over our mind every single day.Mantra

It allows us to be fully present in the here and now – not consumed by the future or the past. We can simply rest in this sacred, precious present moment.

By touching that space, and allowing ourselves to just be in that space, we transcend time and space.

There are thousands of mantras – and in today’s meditation, we will work with a bija – or “seed” – sound. We will use the mantra ‘Om’ (Aum).

By repeating om, om, om over and over, we connect to nothingness, which connects us to everything.

Silently repeat om over and over and over. Whenever you notice that you drift away, ever so gently return to the mantra.

Thank you for taking this time to meditate with me today. I’ll see you in the gap.

Namaste. – davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

Let’s meditate ♡

In every single moment, there are infinite possibilities available to you, and through meditation, you can make nourishing life-affirming choices. In those choices, you can also choose what you want to manifest in your life. Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to my channels to keep your ripple flowing in our community & support this content!!! Check out my Mind Shift membership too 🙂 Sending you expansive love, personal growth, and infinite possibilities. Be well.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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