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When an Obstacle Derails Your Plans

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!! Welcome to another week of self reflection in The Source. This week we’ve been diving into the power of listening. Listening to the world around you and listening to your Self.

But, it’s really hard to listen when the noise around you and the noise inside of you is really loud. It can manifest itself as anxiety, fear, desire, anger, jealousy, shame, or depression. And these states of mind unfold every day preventing us from being in flow, from performing simple actions, from following through on our intentions, from getting where we need to be, and from achieving our dreams.

In the ancient teachings of yoga and Vedanta, these destructive emotions are referred to as kleshas. The English translation for klesha is obstacle. And we could all use a little help sometimes in moving past or removing the obstacles in our life.

Connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within can help to proactively loosen the power of these obstacles. And, that’s why starting each day with a daily meditation practice can help set the table for smoother sailing throughout the day. But when you stub your toe, or receive a NO, or find yourself stuck, that’s when we need to dig a little deeper and call for help… from the inside.

Deep within rests all the strength, courage, and resilience you need. But there are times when the waterfall of emotions clouds you from that simple truth. And in that moment, you need a spark to kick-start your fortitude. In that moment, awakening a powerful archetype in your life – someone you have praised or admired for overcoming obstacles in their life – can add inspiration and velocity to your process.

For many years, when I’ve found myself facing an obstacle, I awaken my favorite klesha-removing archetype: the Hindu god Ganesha. According to he Ancient teachings, the pot-bellied, solution-oriented, elephant-headed Ganesha rests in the root chakra – the Muladhara energy center – at the base of your spine. He is the foundation and guide for all the other chakras, as well as the foundation for every aspect of your life. He is the personification of the Universal, sacred vibration OM. And his big-belly is said to contain the past, present, and future – as well as the sun and the moon.

Ganesha is known as the Lord of Beginnings – and he is celebrated at the start of any new venture, project, relationship, or trajectory. Whenever an obstacle appears unexpectedly, I meditate, begin my gratitude practice, and then awaken the energy of Ganesha in my life. And then I lean in the direction of my dream, take my step, and merge into the solution. This practice works and I recommend it for you as well.

So the next time, an obstacle appears in your life, first take a breath, then get still and silent, and then invoke the archetype in your life that best represents the characteristic of perseverance, courage, moving through change, and transcending obstacles. Email me at info@davidji.com and let me know who your archetype is and how success is awakening inside.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. –davidji

P.S. And remember to adopt your next pet!!!

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