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What Connects You to Source?

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

You might of already heard this story before, of my own spiritual pilgrimage through India in search of the guru. But I thought that it tied in with this week’s theme about experiencing a profound connection to Source, like my guest star in the video shares.

While in India, after essentially uprooting my entire life and career, I trekked thousands of miles south down India’s belly to the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in the 2,500-year-old city of Madurai. Within the vast walls of this huge ancient structure the size of a small village and honeycombed with statues, lined with shrines, prayer halls, and adorned with thousands of colorfully painted deities, a room with one thousand pillars (it’s actually called the hall of 1,000 pillars and in reality only contains 985), and a sacred pond, I was squeezed among a rapturous, barefoot throng of more than 20,000 devotees of the Hindu god Lord Shiva and his wife, the goddess of compassion, Parvati.

As the waves of devotion washed through the crowd, I suddenly found myself totally alone before the holy pond, not another soul in sight! It was if the swarm of pilgrims had abandoned the city for the moment. Slowly, a figure stepped from the shadows and walked into a beam of sunlight. His silhouette had a corona around it, radiating so brilliantly that I had to shield my eyes. He introduced himself as Mr. Jinghan, a Brahmin priest who had traveled 1,500 miles south of his Punjab village in the north on a pilgrimage to meet me. That’s right… me!

To this day, I cannot explain it. But he leaned down to me, extended his hand, and in the softest and sweetest voice he whispered, “Mr. David, we’ve been waiting for you a very long time. Shall we sit together?”

I looked behind me to see how many of the 20,000 pilgrims had found their way into the sacred shrine. But miraculously, we were still alone. In this vast stone-encased hallway where billions had visited, prayed, and meditated over the last thousand years, there were only the two of us and the sound of our beating hearts. And without ever meeting each other before, he claimed he had traveled all this way to see me! I closed my eyes and bathed in the warm radiance Jinghan projected into the room.

We sat for a few minutes as he chanted a prayer to the Divine Mother to awaken the feminine creative power in our hearts. Within moments, his mumblings drifted into the ether, and I slipped into the gap, a place beyond space and time. The last thing I remember was feeling my heart gently crack open, a warming, comforting sensation wash over me, and then going deeper than I ever had before as everything merged into one. When I opened my eyes, I was alone.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks, a profound sense of well-being rippled through me, and Jinghan was gone. As I looked around, I wondered out loud, “Was he even really here?” But then something caught my eye on the tile beneath my knee as I uncrossed my legs. Looking down, I spied a magnificent gold locket in the shape of the elephant-headed god Ganesha. The gold-faced, so-called Remover of Obstacles was suspended from a black cotton cord. Jinghan must have placed it next to my knee while I was drifting through the cosmos. I lifted it to eye level and bowed my head in reverence. Then I bent my head into it as if being anointed and slid on the necklace.

Like a halo, it surrounded me and fell gently around my neck, heralding this moment of profound connection to Source.

How cool was that?!? I still get chills thinking about this amazing experience. Of course, I’ve had many, many other instances over the years in which I’ve connected deeply to Source, including during my meditation bookends of the day. But this one was pretty special.

Now I want to hear from you — what are your experiences connecting to Source? Leave them in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them. Namaste. -davidji

6 thoughts on “What Connects You to Source?”

  1. I truly love your story, wonderful wonderful. I had the same words said to me around 25 years ago. Not by a Brahmin priest though, but someone who has access to the Akashic Records. He used to be a farmer and one day started to see things around people. A girlfriend of mine heard about this man and wanted to see him. I was also intrigued. Years later we finally by “coincidence” found his full name and phone number. We left a message and few days later we could make an appointment to see him. My appointment was straight after her and the first thing he said to me was
    “where have you been? I have been waiting for you for 3 years” Like you I was stunned. He spoke to me about how we have met in the same school up there.. I understand now that once you pass over there are different schools for understanding and more learning.
    I understand now that we are all connected here and beyond…….This man validated for me an inner knowing and I am very grateful for that. I am still learning new things and feel grateful for that also. Life is wonderful 🙂 Thank You and Namaste

  2. @Drew – you can start by meditating for even 16 seconds…it is available to everyone. The stillness will come. Read the free material and listen to the meditations davidji makes available here.

    You have the same faith and love in you that davidji has in him – we all do. Sometimes it just takes peeling back the layers that have built up over time. The stillness and silence of meditation will get you there.


  3. I will try to make this story as condensed as possible(lol, never good when someone starts a story that way!). It will be almost 5 yrs to the day (9/22), I suffered a perforated ulcer. The wild thing about that was I never had any symptoms of an ulcer nor any stomach problems. Because of my ability to meditate and detach from my body they left me waiting in the er for 6hrs. By the time the dr got to me I couldn’t move and I felt like I was slowly drowning. Within 20 minutes they had me prepped for surgery. I don’t remember that part what I do remember is this huge weight on my lungs making it harder and harder to breath and I remember thinking “screw it this hurts to bad and I’m tired”. So I let go. When I did finally let go the most beautiful phenomenal feeling started washing over me and thousands of little tiny white balls of light engulfed me. The only way I know how to describe it is that it made me feel like I was the most cherished beautiful person. I felt like it wouldn’t have mattered if I killed a thousand people I would still be this cherished and this lived just for the simple fact of being me. I still get crazy teary eyed when I think about the intensity of that feeling. So, as I can imagine 24hrs later when I opened my eyes I was pissed that I was still here in a hospital. An experience like that changes a person and it changed me way more then I realized. Over the course of these last five urs I have almost felt like it was a curse to know and feel that until about 6 months ago. Because of a crazy series of events in my life I found myself homeless living in a shelter. I had lost everything. The irony here is it was also the very first time in my 41 years of life that I felt safe and I also got to experience again that awesome feeling of luv and acceptance only in small doses( which trust me still feels like a billion stars kissing you on the forehead). I felt this feeling not from the people who worked at the breadline or the shelter but from the homeless community themselves. The pure raw luv and acceptance of you just for being you no matter what you said or did shined through their eyes in a way that I have never experienced from people. I was very scared to leave that bubble of my life and become again a productive citizen because I felt I was leaving that safety and luv AGAIN! But source surprised me but showing me that each and everyone of us has a story and all come from the same place that all I need to do now is just truly look someone in the eye and send the energy of luv and that feeling comes back to me no matter where or who I’m interacting with! The complete irony of finding source within every person I meet is before this I preferred nature animals and kids because their energy is so light and free. Grownups always felt way to heavy and murky to me. Now, I get to feel that lightness in all forms of life and live being around all people no matter what the age!

  4. Davidji, this sounds too good to be true. I have always been a doubting Thomas. My name is Drew, so I often refer to myself as Doubting Drew. But, I want to believe, so bad. I want your faith and love of all things. Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my hero’s. His teachings and your teachings strike a positive chord with me, but I just can’t get over the hump to true belief and piece of mind. I do yoga and that is a very peaceful and meaningful place for me. I only wish my mat would take me to be a meditator. I just can’t sit still long enough to be successful. Davidji, please help me. Any words of advice and hope you can give me would be more than appreciated. I long to meet my own Mr. Jinghan!!!


  5. Sadly some of us do not have the finances available to travel the world and although we’d love to be able to meet someone who steps out of the shadows and say they’ve been waiting for you, it never seems to happen.
    A Shaman said to me al lot of Spirits would like to contact me, but not all of us have the necessary ability to “link” with them.
    Your article is fascinating and depressing at the same time.

    By the way You Davidji are the only person on the face of this planet to make contact directly with me psychically and make me believe it can happen, but because I was full of fear and that had perhaps made a mistake, I was not in a position to take any advantage of this contact.

  6. Hi Davidji, You are Awesome and I Love Your instagram page, it has helped me many times <3
    I have recently had a Soul Reading from a chap in Cananda which is pretty sweet <3 It gives some breathing practices to do, and yesterday on my way to a local forest walk by car, i listened to some tunes and did the breathing with my eyes closed. When ew arrived and i stepped outside, i could see all the ferns and trees but beneath them ( or behind them ) was absolutely Nothing <3 I even looked at my Dog – Squisher and Her figure was sniffing and eating some grass, but She wasn't really there? I have heard that Anandamayi Ma and other Great Avatars aren't really there although we see their physical Presence at times <3 Is this fantasy? Does the deeper you go Reveal the Bliss? I would very much like this, ha <3
    Thanks so much for Your wonderful story <3 it brought me to tears and made me laugh out loud : )

    In Gratitude and Love, Appreciation and Thanks for all You do,

    Daniel xxx

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