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How Can an Archetype Help Me Become My Best Version?

Hello Spiritual Warriors, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we explore the idea of invoking archetypes and how they can help us on our journey to be the best version of ourselves.

It’s often said that we are not human beings having the occasional spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having this unique human experience . If we can envision an archetype of us that is growing, trying to be better, learning from our missteps. . . a personification that is successful, happy, empowered,  compassionate, whole, pure, and peaceful . . . an embodiment of ourselves that spontaneously says and does the perfect thing at the perfect moment . . . that’s our spiritual self.

Spirituality is simply the journey we each take from our current version of ourselves to our most divine version—our most self- actualized version—where we touch perfection, glimpse clarity, bask in brilliance, and receive deep insights. But it’s not a one-way voyage—it’s a round-trip experience; we get to integrate the best version of ourselves back into our day-to-day life and incorporate these transformational life lessons into our thoughts, words, and actions.

With this guided meditation, you get to awaken the sleeping god or goddess that rests within. This is where you get to invoke your divine archetype to help you become your best version!!

That’s where archetypes come in. When you are just about to leap into change, a new relationship, or a new job, for example, sometimes we can feel like we don’t have the energy or confidence or courage to go the distance. Sometimes it’s a little voice in our head telling us we can’t do it; sometimes it’s a person in our life shaking their head or smirking; and sometimes it’s the circumstances that seem so daunting, over-whelming, or over-powering. When we realize that we don’t have what it takes in the critical moment – that’s when can begin awakening archetypes!

Archetypes are states of information, energy and awareness that rest sleeping inside us. By awakening archetypes, we summon the power to find our next gear. Archetypes exist in the collective domain of the unmanifest and are available to each of us at any time. They exist as a god or goddess in embryo waiting to be born. And they can take the form or shape of whatever it is we are trying to summon.

We are awakening archetypes when we simply plant the seeds of our intentions & desires. If we do it on a regular basis, we get more skilled at it and the archetypal energies we summon start flowing to us more consistently.

So this week, make your list of your top ten archetypes for moving you through your life, and send me an email at

Keep meditating, and I’ll see you in the GAP!!!

Peace. -davidji

6 thoughts on “How Can an Archetype Help Me Become My Best Version?”

  1. Happy New Year Davidji. As I just finished absorbing a good read called “Chakras and their Archetypes” by Ambika Wauters I then came back to your email on Archetypes and re listened, re read your article.

    You are a great archetype of mine as I learn from you daily. Your sharing of spirituality, your unconditional love, your fun personality, your hard working, devoted to your dharma.

    Another great archetype of mine is Sweet Marianne Pagmar….. I have told her this many times and she will always be in my front row. I saw her as an angel cloud in the clear blue sky in Barbados last week. I was meditating and asked for her to connect with me. Once finished I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at the sky and there she was a stand alone angel cloud.

  2. Happy New Year Davidji. I just finished reading and absorbing “Chakras and their Archetypes” by Ambika Wauters. It was a great read and helped me delve deeper into the spiritual world we can live in when using tools such as these available to us daily.

    One of my sweetest archetypes is “Sweet Marianne Pagmar”. I have told her this many times over and she will always be in my front row.

    You too Davidji as many others have already mentioned you too are an archetype of mine. I learn so much from you and cannot thank you enough for your continued support and knowledge and spirit you share daily.

  3. This year I have become increasing aware of how much you have affected my life. I have become more positive & centered through your meditations. My daughter has been found your meditation enable her to deal with life’s twists & turns with more grace & ease. For all of this I thank you for your gifts to us this year.

  4. Totally agree with Tammy!!! You were there for me when I needed wisdom the most. Forever grateful!! You do it well Davidji : )

  5. Thank you, I see you tossing those names out for us to catch as Archetypes. Today, I intend to draw on you, David as my archetype. I love your fun, funky grace, and peaceful teachings, the ease that you bring important issues to the surface and the way you leave the trail of bread crumbs for others to follow. Your style makes others want to learn and I think that is a beautiful quality to embody.
    So hats off to you today as I borrow some of your wonderful qualities.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
    Love Tammy
    PS Thank you for all that you do, today I acknowledge your humanity as well as your divinity.

  6. Hi.
    That talk was really good! I never thought of using an archetype as an example to inspire me. I was thinking of quitting and giving up on something I’ve been doing for 34 years! I liked the example you gave, using the quote, “when you are going through hell, just keep going!”
    It really struck a chord with me.

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