width=City: Kirkland, WA
Teacher: Leigh Stevens
Name of Practice: Meditation Teacher
Email: leigh.stevens@live.com
Bio: During a 25-year career in technology, “being present” wasn’t in Leigh’s vocabulary as every moment was about trying to be one step ahead. Although exciting and stimulating, the demands of her international posts eventually left her exhausted and unfulfilled.  Out of a deep and critical need to find fulfillment and wholeness, Leigh found the transformative influence of meditation. From that place of stillness and silence, she has experienced a personal transformation from exhaustion and burnout to increased consciousness and energy to serve others, presence and self-empowerment.
With the intention of deepening her own inner journey, Leigh became a certified Meditation Teacher through davidji’s 285-hour Master’s of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training program.  Being more present, calm, creative and reflective, rather than reactive, are some of the many gifts of a consistent meditation practice. Leigh is excited to introduce you to your own capacity to experience these gifts and is honored to be your guide.

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