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davidji's Blog

Trust in the Grace of the Universe


Pick something you are struggling with right now. Maybe you have anxiety, or fear, or stress, or stomach flipping, or jaw clenching, or anger, or frustration, or tightness…and its making you feel sad, and concerned, and worried, and less than. Now remind yourself that the universe is going to deliver this external situation to wherever it wants.

Can you trust that the same energy that rises and sets the sun…that flows the planets, that lifts and lowers the tides, that sparked life within you, that allows you to breathe will also deliver to you an opportunity to move to the other side of this challenge? Can you trust the universe and your heart? Breathe in the acceptance that this moment is perfect . . . and breathe out your constriction. AHAM BRAHMASMI. You are the universe. Share this video with anyone who may be struggling.

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