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Transformation Two-step

Hello Spiritual Warriors & Welcome to the halfway point of 2015!

Sometimes we’re pretty clear on what we want but we don’t know how to start the process. It seems that there’s so much else to do or think about, that our best intentions get lost in the swirl of our day-to-day. Our mind can be a tsunami of routines, rituals, regular activities, conditioned behaviors, commitments, intentions, and desires. Couple that with all the unknown, un-planned, and unexpected uncertainties that unfold with every text, email, phone call, conversation and action and … before you know it… you’ve lost track of that dream you were going to manifest.

When we procrastinate on taking our first step, it’s not solely an issue of time management – it’s more often an issue of CLARITY.

Lost in the Swirl

We get to choose what fills each moment of the day. The main problem is that we hit the ground running with our daily list of priorities, we try to get done what is in our awareness, and as new situations unfold, they become the new priority. So almost before we begin, we’re behind – then all the unknown stuff appears, which can appear staggering because we can’t catch our breath as more & more stuff keeps revealing itself.

Here’s how we get clear. There’s a simple way to calm the storm and move forward from a space of clarity. It’s called the Transformation TWO-STEP! And it works like this…

Step 1

You need to meditate – that’s spending time with yourself in stillness and silence. No TV, no soothing music – just you and the stillness and silence that rests within. I have recorded more than 500 guided meditations that have touched millions around the world, and I believe they are powerful tools for working through challenges such as emotional pain, overcoming fear, feeling stuck, and coping with change. They are also the perfect first step for keeping your meditation practice on track because each meditation offers you some quiet time to incubate your vision.

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The Importance of Silence

Your personal silent practice is your only opportunity for stillness in the wild swirl of day-to-day activity. So even starting with five minutes a day of silent meditation can make a profound shift. That is why the weekend meditations I create each week for members of the SweetSpot Meditation Community include both a guided portion with background music followed by a session of silence – so you can really connect to the stillness that rests within.

Once we are locking in at least a few minutes of meditation each day, it’s time for STEP TWO of the Transformation TWO-STEP.

Step 2

Step 2 has three powerful practical applications and this is where the magic unfolds as we use our knowledge of the five realms that we’ve been practicing together here in the SweetSpot Community.

  • First, review your daily activities through the lens of the 5 realms to see where we are actually spending our time.
  • Then, identify what we’d like to see unfold in each of the five realms of our life – the physical, emotional, material, relationship, & spiritual.
  • Lastly, select one daily activity you are currently living in each of the five realms and replace it on the list with one that aligns with your new goal.

This small shift in each of the five areas of your life will jumpstart a powerful transformation – an evolution in the core areas of your life. You’ll feel the new trajectory unfolding within a day!

Here’s how to start. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve encouraged all the members of the davidji SweetSpot Meditation Community to explore the 5 realms of our real-world existence – the physical, emotional, material, relationship, and spiritual aspects of our being. If you want to know who you really are, go to the 5 realms and write down the actions you are undertaking each day in each realm. Once you’ve completed writing your list…drink it in…THIS IS YOUR LIFE. In fact, let’s call it the MY LIFE list.




I’ve actually crafted this process into a course called destressifying with davidji. And I encourage you to join me this September in this life-transforming process– there are 3 spots remaining.

Next, on a separate piece of paper, write down your desires in each realm. Actually ask yourself, what do I want in the physical realm of my life? The answers will flow. Don’t filter or judge. Is it a new hairstyle? Smaller love handles? A brow lift? Greater stamina? Brighter eyes? More restful sleep? Just write. And do this for the other four realms – there are no wrong answers. When you get stuck, ask: “What do I want in the realm of…?” and simply write what flows into you.

Once that list of dreams, desires, and goals has been moved from the ether of your mind to the tangible reality of ink on paper, the fun begins. This DREAM list will serve many purposes: look at it every day before you meditate; read it every night before you go to sleep; and carry it with you wherever you go so you can update it, check off your accomplished goals, and cross out the kooky stuff that no longer applies.

For years, I’ve accessed the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who most historians claim never even existed! One quote from this unknown sage that never fails to inspire me is, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be?” But letting go isn’t so easy without a process. And that’s what the final step of the Transformation TWO-STEP is all about.

Simply select one goal from the physical realm on your DREAM list and place it on the MY LIFE list. Do this with the other four realms as well. And then – here’s where the excitement happens – remove one of the five actions on you’re MY LIFE list. Remember you are not adding to the list; you are replacing a stale item with a new item…essentially shifting from where you are to where you’d like to be which will flow into who you are to who you want to be.

If you look at the 25 items each day on your new MY LIFE list and use those as your priorities for how you think, speak, act, and respond to life, your attention will follow your new trajectory and your life will blossom and bloom. But without a daily meditation practice, it’s really hard work. By spending just a little time each day in stillness and silence, life will unfold with grace and ease and your stress, overwhelm, and feeling that there isn’t enough time will vanish with each meditation. Additionally, your sleep will become more restful and restorative as your creativity, productivity, intuition, memory, performance, and clarity increase and thrive.

Do you have time for that? The clock is ticking…so let’s get busy!!! And I’ll see you I the gap! Peace. -davidji


P.S. Adopt your next pet!


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