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The Myth of Being Stuck

“Whatever you have experienced in your life is carved in stone. But, today, at this very moment – you have the power to shift your life from where you are to where you want to be. You are never stuck… you always have a choice. You just have to give yourself permission to grow, to love, to thrive. You are the master of each moment.”
davidji Guided Meditations: Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!!

“I’m stuck!” We’ve all said it to ourselves or someone else at some point in our lives. Maybe you said it today. But, it’s a myth. It’s a story we’ve told ourselves and it’s not real! Considering ourselves stuck is a confusion based on a misperception and grounded in conditioning that may have existed since you were a child.

We had a plan in mind – and suddenly an obstacle appeared. But the truth is, that obstacle was always there and then what we did with it became the defining moment in our life. If we figured out a route around it, through it, or beyond it, then we never gave it a second thought. But, if we spent too much time in it and gave it too much attention – then it became real… in our mind. And as we put more and more attention on it, it grew, and blossomed, and took on the appearance of something powerful… something larger than life.

Einstein is known to have said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And yet, when we announce to ourselves or to the world, “I’m stuck!”, we are ONLY looking at the problem, the challenge, or the “stuckedness” from the same viewpoint as when we created it.

But, it’s all in our mind.

We often have an agenda – a goal – or a target that we are trying to achieve. And when we hit any interruption, hiccup or change in the terrain on our path – THAT MOMENT – can be the defining moment in our life. That’s the moment where we either make it all about the blockage – and give it power… or all about the solution to moving past the blockage. If we give up… then the blockage wins and then we start to give it more power. If we stop, reground ourselves, use this moment as the new launchpad for achieving our goals, and then view the journey NOT from where we came – but from this point forward…. then our mind can fill with solutions for transcending this temporary setback.

We can use the tool of simply getting still to re-set ourselves. We can remind ourselves that every magnificent journey – whether that’s your drive across the country (which requires the occasional recharge or gas-tank fill-up), or the Cleveland Cavaliers coming from three games back and digging deep into the present moment to win the NBA championship (clearly a mindset of keeping an eye on the prize), or the dream you have right now (that you are interpreting as being in stall mode – when it’s really only taking a breath before surging forward again) – yes, every magnificent journey – needs an opportunity to pull back the bow, take a deep breath in, re-center yourself, and then take one small step beyond where you are right now.

It all begins with awareness. Your awareness – that in this moment you are whole and perfect and magnificent. It’s the aham brahmasmi moment where you realize that you are not in the world… but rather – the world is in you! This is where you truly understand that being stuck is an illusion and you are simply taking a break before the next magnificent wave of your life unfolds.

Let’s do that today. Stop, breathe, rest, pull back the bow, and launch ourselves into the next spectacular moment!! In the meantime, keep meditating and keep trusting. The best is yet to come!!!!

Peace. –davidji






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