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The Divine Principle of Inner Fire and the Master Elements

 Hello, Spiritual Warrior, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Source. Let’s dive into the Divine Principle of Inner Fire and the master elements that are an integral component of this principle.

The Divine Principle of Inner Fire is based on the ancient formula for the origin of all existence. These teachings are the foundation for the 5,000-year-old Indian healing system of Ayurveda, which I have studied and practiced for more than a decade. Whatever your belief system is regarding the creation of the Universe, here’s my translation of how Ayurveda says it all started:

In the beginning, there was just space . . . cold emptiness . . . the void . . . the vast expanse of nothingness. But what does space do? Nothing. It just sits there . . . totally still . . . holding space . . . and holding space . . . and holding space for trillions of years. But ultimately space wanted to experience itself, so it began folding itself back in on itself to feel itself . . . see itself . . . witness itself.

In the ancient Indian wisdom traditions, this process of the Self curving in back on itself in order to experience itself is called namaha. And as space began to curve back in on itself, air was created out of the movement. And as more air was generated with each movement of namaha, friction was created.

And as the air moved more quickly, and the frequency of friction accelerated, sparks began to fly and then a flicker of a flame . . . and then fire began to rage through the heavens. And as this uncontrollable fire licked the edges of the Universe, the heat met the icy cold of the galaxy and condensation was formed.

And in time, billions of drops of water began to slowly drip down the edges of the cosmos, solidifying, taking shape, and ultimately creating the element of earth. Five master elements at the very core of reality: Space. Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

Twelve billion years later, these are the same five master elements that make up every single aspect of your existence—the seen and the unseen. They are the most Universal expressions of life and your most personal ones as well.

The original flame that started it all is nourished inside of you with each breath of Shakti energy you take. And it is the Divine Principle of Inner Fire that determines how you ignite your very next moment—awakening your desires, crystalizing your vision, sparking your intentions, burning away unwanted thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and memories, and fueling your next leap in the direction of your dreams.

The journey of life is fraught with many wrong turns, dead ends, and confusing signs along the way. Walking this Fifth Divine Path and uncovering its secret will help you avoid many of the pitfalls and heartaches that can otherwise distract you and send you reeling backwards. Each day can bring a bewildering swirl of love, passion, and purpose as we relentlessly question our emotions, the status of our lifelong desires, and the deeper meaning of each moment.

The Divine Principle of Inner Fire cuts through the confusion, re-awakening and leading you. Navigating the cosmic expanse of our inner fire and mastering its magnificence is a lifelong endeavor requiring heightened intuition, sensitivity, awareness, and commitment. The corresponding Sacred Powers will be your life-affirming guides on your journey of burning brightly:

  • The Sacred Power of Your Awakened Heart
  • The Sacred Power of Passion
  • The Sacred Power of Purpose

I explore these Sacred Powers in my new book. Here’s where you can purchase it:

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