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Take the Pledge of Forgiveness with Me

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff – things I’ve said, things I’ve thought, things I’ve done – that I hope I’ll be forgiven for. Sometimes, they even consume me. They fill my head and swirl around stinging every part of my body like a crazed mosquito.

And that has helped me see that I can be happier if I forgive others. Yes… when the emotional sting is fresh, it’s really hard. But as the hours, days, weeks separate us from the act that hurt us… some of the emotional charge slips away.

Then it’s time to be free! Time to let go of what doesn’t serve us. Time to acknowledge that what someone else has said in a given moment doesn’t define them. Just like you don’t want to be defined by every word or action you’ve said or done in a moment where you weren’t clear, impeccable or at your best.

And I want to be free of those ties. I want to be free to love, to celebrate, to laugh, and to have peace in my heart and peace in my mind. I want tranquility to ripple through my soul, but I can’t do that if I’m holding a grudge. When we don’t forgive, we flood our self with all the chemicals and hormones that we experience in fight-flight. Why would I want to do that to myself? Why would I want to attack my body and my brain with toxic emotional turbulence? Why would I want to hurt myself over and over when the damage has already been done? I wouldn’t. And you shouldn’t either!

This week, let’s forgive someone for something they said or did. This doesn’t mean they’re exonerated. This means they wont be hanging around in our head or in our heart. This doesn’t mean that what they said or did was right. This means we will no longer allow it to control us, wound us, or hurt us.

This week, let’s take the pledge of forgiveness. Let’s get off our platform of universal moralism and let’s learn from this experience. Let’s grow from this moment. Let’s transmute our pain into self-love. Let’s transform our hurt into healing. Let’s commit to happiness and begin the process of letting go. We can start simply by giving our self permission to loosen our grip on the other person’s words and actions.

Let’s ask for our own forgiveness for something we’ve done. And in that process, we will receive the unconditional love of the Universe.

In the meantime, keep meditating, keep dying to the past, AND keep forgiving!! First yourself, then someone else. Remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Peace. -davidji

8 thoughts on “Take the Pledge of Forgiveness with Me”

  1. Thanks DavidJi! I have taken the pledge of forgiveness when some mistook what I said and nearly cost me my job. Forgiving heart of myself and others as well as gratitude for loving and supportive employers and colleagues and being able to move on with grace and ease. Love your work!

  2. Thank you! This is very timely and a lesson I needed to get into – I need to let go of patterns of holding grudges. Also, I really liked the technique of picturing speaking with the person as if they came to your house, and then showing them out the back door! I an see how this will help me also get rid of annoying and unwanted thought!

    much love and gratitude!

  3. Thank you for you this forgiveness process and the way you walk us/me through it. I make this pledge of forgiveness davidji

  4. Hi Davidji,
    firstly big thank you for you good heart and for sharing, forgiveness is not that simple ah? I found it myself , experiencing some harsh behaviours , but slowly slowly just like you said it can happen that the heart will feel lest heavy.. 🙁 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This message came at a time when I am journeying home to spend time with the ones I’ve been holding a grudge against for a year. This is a perfect tool to help me move forward.

    Blessings on your head!

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